Was the Sandy Hook shooting a gun control conspiracy?

  • Sandy hook was a hoax

    1 why is there a picture of gene Rosen with a sign saying "everyone must sign in"behind him?
    2 why was the rip Victoria Soto page added on December 10- 4 days before?
    3 why does it seem like all those parents are actors?
    4 why were the kids who were supposed to have been shot singing at the Super Bowl?
    5 why is there no footage of the shooting?
    6 why was there an article in the newtown bee saying that they had an interview with dawn the principal who was killed?
    7why didn't they take the injured to the hospital?

  • Sandy Hook Hoax

    They were at the Super Bowl. They weren't killed. It was a drill. There was no panic. One victim who didn't die? 96% kill rate. Fake kid. Lanza wasn't a real person. Aspergers would have made him not be able to handle the sound of the rifle. 9/11 was also fake. Controlled demolition. This was to try and take the guns away from the americans.

  • Yes, mindblowingly so.


    1. The 'official' story has the shooter using an AR-15 semi-automatic .223 caliber rifle as the main weapon. The Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver II testified that he found many bullets in the bodies of the victims. A .223 rifle bullet travels at approximately 3,000 ft/sec and kindergartners don't have much body mass to hinder a projectile's penetration, yet he doesn't see many exit wounds?

    2. Who was the guy the police arrested dressed in camo pants in the woods? And why did they put him in the front of the police car? There was also another man running away from the police into the woods. Who are these guys? The guy in the front seat must have had official credentials but he still ran from the police? One report has it that this guy is a tactical officer from another area but they never explain WHY he was at the scene and why does he run from the police! There were at least two other suspects taken into custody, what became of them?
    3. Newtown, CT is the recruitment headquarters of Anton Lavey's Church of Satan. In several photos the Parker girls, Grace McDonnell and another adult pictured with Victoria Soto are seen flashing the two-horned finger hand signs.

    4. Robbie Parker's interview looked like a staged performance. He comes out smiling as asks, “Should I just read from the cards?” Then he begins to hyperventilate like an actor 'getting into character' before giving an emotional scene. Another later photo shows him with a fresh haircut smirking in a limo at his daughter's funeral.

    5. The emotional Jew Gene Rosen's conflicting performances: The unnamed 'bus driver' is sometimes a man and sometimes a woman. Why didn't the bus driver just simply walk the children to the fire station next door rather than leave them with a stranger? One time Gene says he took the kids to the fire station, then he says the parents come to his house to be reunited with their parents.

    6. Gene Rosen says he saw the casualty list two days before it's posted. He also happens to be an executive for a Cable TV company on which he created a program called "Fairy Tale Theater", there's photos of him at FEMA events and many of the "parents" also just happen to have theatrical backgrounds.

    7. Where is the video of the shooter approaching the school grounds? New security measures were supposedly installed at the school. Several news reports claim that Adam was buzzed into the school, Lt. Vance claims that he was not voluntarily let into the school.

    (You'll have to search the internet for the rest of the list. There are 97 more to answer)

  • Too much evidence

    As much as I don't like to think it was, I think it undoubtedly was. I have found no way to debunk it. There is an astonishing amount of evidence:

    1. The gun supposedly used was found in his trunk.
    2. Neighbors said they had never heard of Adam Lanza.
    3. Adam Lanza was listed as deceased.
    4. Tribute/Donation pages appeared within 3 hours of the shooting (for one family).
    5. Many of the families have been discovered to be 'actors'.
    6. Gene Rosen (enough said).
    7. Staged movements (see the 'walking in circles' video where they create the illusion of people)
    8. Refusal to release photographs or CC video or death certificates.
    9. Passing of a law barring people from seeking information about the shooting.
    10. Physical destruction of Sandy Hook school.
    11. Satellite pictures of Sandy Hook showing it wasn't even an operating school.
    12. Plenty of weird/bad acting by parents and other actors involved.
    13. Uncharacteristic behavior by children (not in shock, smiling, saying weird, rehearsed-sounding things)
    14. Robbie Parker's melodramatic acting, the 'heroic teacher' and her scarcely believable account of what happened.
    15. Overall creepy, contrived vibe in nearly every piece of footage and video. People in shock don't act like anyone does in any footage.
    16. "Everyone Must Check In" behind Gene Rosen. (straight out of the DHS active-shooter drill handbook)
    17. Reappearance of some of the kids who were supposedly dead.
    18. Badly photoshopped picture of Emilie Parker (inserted into family photo)
    19. Heavy-duty suppression of questioning the official story (yahoo deletes all questions automatically)
    20. Actors in event linked to other performances, events.
    21. Earliest footage shows people clearly acting, doing illogical things, going back INTO the school, standing around, smiling. Firemen wandering aimlessly.
    22. 'Doctor' has very little information about the kids conditions.
    23. Ambulances sent away? (like, don't even bother. We wont' try to save them)
    24. 'Doctor' seen in a fireman costume later.
    25. Gene Rosen's continually changing narrative and bad acting.
    26. Gene Rosen is apparently dead.
    27. FEMA conducting drill that day.
    28. Woman in silver jacket telling everyone what to do at the scene. Later she is some random witness?
    29. Color-coded ID badges on people.
    30. No one concerned, in shock, worried, upset or crying.
    31. I could go on forever. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • The odds that it happened are 0.1%.

    If you are able to willing to review all of the evidence and gain a comprehensive view of the event and all things tied to it - you will notice the following trend:

    1. Very little evidence that it happened.
    2. Overwhelming evidence that it did not.
    3. Unusual efforts to conceal, suppress and destroy information related to the event

    However, the difficulty in dealing with this subject objectively is compounded by what was claimed to have happened: Shooting of small children right before Christmas for no apparent reason.

    In defense of those who maintain the event was a hoax, I will say this: If I thought there was any chance I was wrong, and that any children actually died, I would never have said anything. So that tells you about the level of certainty. But I believe the way the event was structured, it makes questioning the official story seem abhorrent, even in spite of the damning evidence. After all who (and why) would try to insinuate children didn't die when we were 'told' that they did.

    Those who have offered CON opinions seem to have merely restated what they were told by the news media and appear not to have reviewed any of the evidence. I reiterate that in debating this matter (which I doubt will be allowed to be officially debated) it is critical to review the evidence using science, logic and intuition, not emotional reaction.

    Emotional reaction is not evidence, especially when it is uninformed or misinformed.

  • Simple science, mathematics. Very few valid debunk videos or articles, and a wealth of videos showing evidence it didn't happen.

    If you are able to willing to review all of the evidence and gain a comprehensive view of the event and all things tied to it - you will notice the following trend: overwhelming evidence that the event did not happen, and very little evidence that it did.

    1. Very little evidence that it happened.
    2. Overwhelming evidence that it did not.

    However, the difficulty in dealing with this subject objectively is compounded by what was claimed to have happened.

    1. Shooting of small children right before Christmas.

    In defense of those who maintain the event was a hoax, I will say this: If I thought there was ANY chance I was wrong, and that children actually died, I would NEVER have said anything. So that tells you about the level of certainty I'm at.

    But I believe the way the event was structured, it makes questioning the official story seem abhorrent, in spite of the damning evidence.


    Sandy Hook was absolutely a hoax for gun control. Adam Lanza's death record was for the day before the So Called Shootings. The little girl Emelie Parker was said to be killed but was it a photo with the president later after the shootings. No ambulances and 1 Detroit firetruck. What the hell is going on here? Victoria Soto was in pictures and videos posted after Sandy Hook and is still alive today. The government and mainstream media has brainwashed millions into believing this fake tragedy has really happened. All of this for gun control. I think that there may have been a better way than to fake this whole entire fake shooting. On the live set of the Sandy Hook shooting there was a check in station and everyone was given refreshments and drinks. Who offers refreshments and drinks in the time of a massacare. .

  • Everybody has done a good job of explaining it already

    The left just parrots rhe media and doesnt question anything it used be the other way around. I feel like im living in bizzarro world. . I used to be left leaning. . I was against, Drug war, War, Corporate greed, Censership, For profit prisons, I hated the bush crime family. . . Now the left thinks bush was ok and all the other things i mentioned take a back seat to LGBTQZ/ZER/FURRY concerns that are less then 2 percent of the population.

  • Far too many illogical reasons

    The inconsistency of the reason and logical explanations doesn't hold.

    The pre massacre handouts explaining a massacre being postponed twice from 12-10-12 to 12-13-12, and finally the day.

    No photos or video even a brand new camera system was installed.

    The characters were happy and when camera came on they magically became sad and cried???

    The photos of kids on line and then the parents were there watching them!????????

  • Not a single dead body or pools of blood shown.

    Not a single dead body, body bag, or pools of blood shown at any time during or since the supposed tragedy. Impossible to kill this many people and not have one person evac'd by ambulance or helicopter. This was all government propaganda. The state of CT, government officials, and the media who colluded, are totally corrupt.

  • Same thing, different state.

    This is not a conspiracy, much like the Colorado shootings for Batman were somehow cited as. It was a stupid, morally corrupt man with access to automatic weaponry. Plain and simple. And frankly, I am sick and tired of this getting so much attention. You aren't helping those families heal by constantly broadcasting this, you are only making the killer more and more famous. It happened, it is over, move on.

  • The most likely explanation is probably the right one

    The most likely explanation is that we had a crazy kid with a violent streak and no moral compass. On our hands we were left with 26 innocent lives as well as numbers wounded and hundreds traumatized. This was a tragedy, pure and simple. When tragedy beckons change or at least encourages discussion, I don't find anything conspiratorial about it.

  • No, there was no conspiracy.

    The Sandy Hook shooting was a horrible tragedy, but it was not a conspiracy. It was the act of a mentally ill young man who needed help and obviously wasn't getting it, for one reason or another. To say it was a conspiracy is to shift blame away from the appalling lack of mental health services and is unfair to all involved.

  • There is No Conspiracy

    The Sandy Hook shooting is not a conspiracy of any kind. It was a person who decided to commit a terrible crime at a school and had no care for anyone. Everything is not a conspiracy and society needs to stop trying to think that things are bigger than they are.

  • No it was not

    No he was just a lunatic that was mad at the world and because he had mental issues for one at least that is what some people are saying, but if it was a conspiracy why would they kill innocent people to send a message, it does not make sense to me but then again he was crazy.

  • No, but...

    I bet Feinstein and the other gun grabbers are secretly hoping for another tragedy to help move their agenda along. Bloomberg is another rabid anti gun person...funny thing is they don't have any problem with armed people for their safety. absolute hypocrites, all of the far left. There is hope for gun owners though. MRA membership has spiked, and Difi's bill looks like it's going to be too draconian to pass.

    Posted by: DanB

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