Was the 'Seamus the dog' incident a well-deserved talking point in the 2008 presidential election?

  • Yes, it spoke volumes about Romney's character

    The "Seamus the dog" incident taught us that Mitt Romney is the type of guy that puts his luggage in the car and straps his dog to the roof. I think that incident gave the American people a glimpse into the core of who Mitt Romney was as a man.

  • Mitt Romney's treatment of his dog Seamus deserved consideration in the election.

    Although putting the dog in a carrier on top of his car is unusual, Romney's provision of a windshield for the dog indicates a degree of thoughtful concern for the dog. His behavior at that point was no worse than people who put dogs or horses in trailers and tow them behind their vehicles, inhaling exhaust fumes. His actions after the dog became sick show the ability to coolly react to a situation when in the middle of a difficult task. Although this seems heartless, it is a quality I look for in a person I am entrusting with the nuclear football and the ability to kill several billion people with one decision.

  • No, it was not.

    I think the Seamus the dog inciident was overused as a metaphor during the 2008 election. It was beaten to death by both candidiates, beaten to death by the media, and, in turn, beaten to death by the general population. Just hearing it now annoys me to no end. It was odd.

  • Not at all

    No, this did not have a thing to do with the election, and it had happened a long time ago. There was not a thing wrong with the candidate strapping his dog to the roof, and it was 20 years ago any way back when views were a lot different.

  • No, the Seamus the dog incident was not an incident that deserved a talking point during the 2008 presidential election.

    I thought that whole issue with the scandal was nothing more than political warfare. The whole incident had nothing to do with Mitt Romney's ability to run for office. It was something used to paint Mitt Romney as an animal abuser which is always something that will get a lot of people angry.

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