Was the Senate justified in failing to advance the vote on Planned Parenthood defunding?

  • Yes, Planned Parenthood provides valuable services

    Yes, the Senate was justified in failing to advance the vote on Planned Parenthood defunding. Not only were there not enough votes to advance the measure, but Planned Parenthood, despite the video controversy, provides a valuable public service to millions of women. This includes health services, birth control and more.

  • Yes, Planned Parenthood is important for women's health.

    Yes, defunding Planned Parenthood would be disastrous for women in need of care. The cancer screening, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, and pre-natal care and options Planned Parenthood provides are very important to women of all ages. The need for these services is especially great in areas where there is a lack of sex education.

  • Yes, people deserve choice.

    When it comes to parenthood I believe that people deserve a choice on whether to move forward with pregnancy, the only person with this choice should be the mother who is pregnant. The men in government are not effected in any way by woman's pregnancy and don't deserve a say in the matter. Therefore as long as the woman has consented, it shouldn't matter what happens to the foetus as it isn't alive.

  • The Senate's focus is all wrong!

    When the governing body of the nation pushes forward a bill without consulting individual states and voters, it makes me question this government's pledge to democracy. I feel strongly AGAINST Planned Parenthood, specifically as it relates to government funding of the organization. I am not in complete disagreement with the stated purposes of Planned Parenthood, such as equipping and educating people towards appropriate and safe sexual relationships and good health. I am, however, completely appalled by the LACK of care and concern towards what has been coming out of the organization for years now. This is on the forefront of the news because of the videos that have been released lately detailing a CLEAR disregard for human life. Even amongst the "debate" over abortion, it is unacceptable that a government funded organization is participating carelessly in outright ignoring the humanity inherent in these "body parts." The Senate clearly recognized a need to address this issue in response to the outcry against, as well as, the support for Planned Parenthood. I do not believe, however, that they gave themselves any kind of adequate time to fully explore the issue. This makes it more likely that they made decisions based mostly on personal feelings or their particular political supporters instead of taking into account the entire opinion of the PEOPLE they represent. While I submit to the system of government in place in this country, I find it an abhorrent practice to disregard entirely the opinions of the people, whether those opinions are the same as mine or not. Would it have fit neatly into my world if the Senate chose to defund Planned Parenthood? Of course, because this is the side I support. This is not why I feel like their focus is all wrong. I do not perceive the Senate to be my personal moral battleground. I do, however, expect the people of this country to have a say in what the Senate ultimately gets to decide for the rest of us.

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