Was the shooting of an unarmed man in North Miami a response to recent shootings of police officers?

  • Yes, it was a message.

    Police officers seem to think they are at war with members of black lives matter. Even though the gunmen were acting alone, police feel that they have to retaliate for this injustices. Police officers have become too trigger happy and are acting out and shooting random people on the street.

  • No, of course not

    It really sounds like this shooting was due to an inexperienced over exuberant police officer. It was stupid I'll grant you that. This officer lacks the common sense needed to evaluate a simple situation and should not work with the public in this capacity. They can go ahead and cut the liability check to this man and his family because it was a clear cut at fault situation.

  • No, the police officer is simply not fit for the job.

    The officer was not retaliating for recent police shootings, but he did act irresponsibly and should be fired. His actions only fuel the police versus civilian feud going on in our country right now. He either accidentally discharged his weapon or can't handle the intense environment of police work, but he did not try to get back at people for recent shootings.

  • No, the shooting of an unarmed man in North Miami was no a response to recent shootings of police.

    The shooting of an an unarmed man in North Miami was not likely a response to recent shootings of law enforcement. However, many police officers are likely on edge and a bit jumpy given the recent attacks against police. Therefore, it is likely that the police officers involved in the North Miami shooting believed the suspect was a threat to their safety.

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