• Beautiful music landscape

    The musical is recorded in the most beautiful landscape of Europe and it contains so many songs that have become classics. The story is exciting, educating and very romantic, with many surprises. The actors are also handsome and beautiful with attractive voices and they all perform so well, even the children.

  • Yes, "The Sound of Music" was the best musical ever filmed.

    Yes, "The Sound of Music" trumps all other musicals because it not only entertains, but it teaches important lessons about war and love. It exposed the hardships of war in a way that appeals to everyone. The sheer number of times it has been recreated on stages across America shows just how important this musical is to people of all races and religious beliefs.

  • No, I don't think "The Sound of Music" was the best musicial ever filmed.

    I think crowning the "best" of anything is highly subjective and many people have different criteria for determining what is the best ever. Overall I don't believe "The Sound of Music" is the best musical ever filmed because there have been others just as well performed and produced in recent history.

  • No, it was good but not the best.

    I think this is a very opinionated question so I have to say that it is not the best musical ever filmed. There are many great musicals and choosing the best one is a matter of personal opinion. I personally prefer the musical South Pacific but I will not say it's the best.

  • No, there are many good ones.

    There are many classic musical plays and movies that have been just as good, although certainly The Sound of Music can be found at the top of the list. But there are wonderful ones such as South Pacific and Brigadoon and Carousel that bring as many or more tears and laughs.

  • It is a matter of opinion only.

    “The Sound of Music” was not the best musical ever filmed. This is a matter of personal opinion. I think Evita was a better movie production. This of course, was filmed in a later decade and had a famous pop star -- Madonna -- in the leading role. The Sound of Music has been played too many times on TV and seems overdone.

  • I don't think so

    This is just my opinion so I hope no one gets offended. In my point of view there is way too much singing even though I do like Oliver! If anyone can recall or if anyone knows post the total awards that the sound of music was awarded. Oliver! Ended up with 11

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