Was the Soviet Union a good example for communism?

Asked by: bahram
  • Stop saying 'Russia'! This and that, the USSR CONTAINED other countries. Many of the countries were treated nicely.

    Many people across the former USSR want it back. Now, Communism is a stateless, moneyless, and classless society. The USSR was only in the Socialist stage. Despite heavy censorship, people never had to face unemployment, poverty, and other issues. Bread lines only happened during WWII and Gorbachev's reign of terror. It never was Communist, but it definitely made lives happy, and easier to live.

  • Don't confuse communism with Marxism

    The Soviet Union was, in my opinion, a communist nation.
    It used the communist ideal as the basis of their politics, therefore they are communists by definition.

    However, Karl Marx' version of communism (Marxism) was completely different.
    In fact, Marx stated quite clearly in the communist manifesto, that Russia (at that time) specifically, would better not try communism.
    Marx was adamant, that communism (the way he envisioned it), would come about in a wealthy developed nation.

    The reason for this is hard to explain, but in short, this has to do with philosophy.
    The most important thing is, that people who wave little money and are working hard to earn a living, don´t have time to philosophize, while philosophy is the most important thing there is, if you wish to have a stable and free thinking population.
    Without philosophy, people tend to live more like drones and less like thinking beings and drones are controlled by others, which means people with "evil" intentions can corrupt the system.
    If the masses can be manipulated, NO system will EVER work permanently.

  • It was Socialist

    There is a difference. Soviet socialism was meant as a transition stage to communism, but that is a transition no nation can make alone. Lenin knew socialism would be brutal, but if communism was achieved it would have been worth it. But Stalin clung to power and gave up on spreading revolution, therefore it failed. Yes the people of Russia look back with nostalgia, and many want to try once more, but the USSR was not the USCR; therefore, no it was not a good example of communism.

  • No it was not

    It was a dictatorship at the most a socialist country. Joesph Stalin treated his people terribly which lead to starvation hypothermia and other things. There really is no good example of Communism because a well implemented FAIR communism has never been used. The communist manifesto is the original idea of communism and it really has never been achieved. There is a book about life in the Stalinist USSR it is called. " One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich". I recommend you read it for details and first hand experiences

  • It was not.

    There's many reason:1.Russia wasn't industrialized enough for changing.2. According to Marx for changing capitalism society to a communism one we need 2 revolution,at first revolution for changing capitalism to socialism and second revolution for changing into communism.3.After Lenin, Stalinism was governed soviet union and in Stalin era many of the real communism was killed, communism was forgotten .

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