• Evidence tells us

    Current owners have not experienced any hauntings and have found rational explanations for any supposed phenomenon. Bathesheba the supposed witch is just a local legend. She was just a woman who lived on a farm. Lost some of her children at young ages which was sadly very common at that time and every supposed evil act she did was all made up.

  • Im sorry but how can you believe this shit

    What would compel you to believe this shit is real if hauntings were real I think their would be solid evidence not witness testimonies instead we would have real footage not fake garbage. The only way I would believe this shit was real was if I saw it myself.

  • The Conjuring is not a hoax

    There is a lot of evidence that proves that events took place at the farmhouse on Rhode Island. Even though there is other evidence that might be convincing that The Conjuring is not real, There is still way more evidence that supports the fact that this horror film is true.

  • The Conjuring's true events are not a hoax.

    This is kind of hard because there are lots of things out there that are very convincing. However, One of the girls talked about how she was "lifted into mid-air" by the spirit that haunted their house who's name was Valak. In my opinion, Although science may prove otherwise, Ghost and spiritual entities are a real thing and may be a power greater than our whether science says so or not. There are lots of witnesses that say that they saw these things, For example Andrea Perron, The daughter of the mother who owned the house, Claimed to be seeing her mother possessed daily. Speaking-Tongues is a term referred to a thing that possessed people do, Which basically is the person speaking languages that they have never learned or even know about, And in a voice other than the person. The daughter also claimed to see her mom thrown across the room like a rag-doll. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were studying this weird case, And claim that this was all real. I do not know why they would lie about such a thing.

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