Was the Super Bowl blackout part of a conspiracy against the 49ers?

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  • Conspiracy benefits no one

    For the Super Bowl blackout to be part of a conspiracy against the 49ers, there would have to be a reason. There must exist some kind of advantage fort the other team to gain. One must ask, for what reason would the other team risk the serious negative publicity for such a stunt? If it was just a prank, then it doe not qualify as a conspiracy, just a prank.

  • Absolutely No Conspiracy Regarding Super Bowl

    For every sporting event, there is always a small minority of people who believe the event is predetermined. Unlike professional wrestling, sports do not have a pre-determined outcomes. Even with the revelations by some figures that they personally affected the outcomes of games through fixing, those were isolated events. To have a conspiracy that is being proposed in this topic, would require such a massive group effort that the knowledge of such action would be known rather quickly.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • No, It Was Not

    To think that the black out at the Super Bowl was some kind of a plot against the 49ers is ridiculous. If anything, the black out directly benefited the 49ers, judging from the huge swing in momentum that was observed once gameplay was resumed. Accidents happen and what happened at the Super Bowl was exactly that.

  • It Was Not A Conspiracy

    The blackout at the Super Bowl was not a conspiracy against the San Francisco 49ers. The lights just happened to stop working during the game. It cannot be a conspiracy when the 49ers started to play better after the incident happened. Saying it was a conspiracy sound utterly and completely ridiculous.

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