Was the Supreme court right to reject the case by other states against Colorado's marijuana law?

  • Yes the Supreme Court was right

    The Supreme Court on Monday threw out a lawsuit filed by the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma against their neighbor Colorado over a law that allows the recreational use of marijuana. The fact remains that Colorado marijuana continues to flow into Oklahoma in direct violation of federal and state law, hence it is justified

  • It's no other states business

    I don't believe recreational use of this drug should be legal. I think this drug is harmful in certain ways and should only be used medicinally for legit life threatening reasons. But Colorado has already made it legal. The people of this state have successfully put it into play and are making an economical profit for it. Stop being a controlling, judgemental a**hole and leave them be.

  • Original jurisdiction is rarely used

    In this case, Nebraska and Oklahoma tried to take a fast track directly to the Supreme Court asking the Court to hear a challenge to Colorado's legalization of marijuana. Colorado's arguments that legalization channels demand for marijuana through more legitimate and regulated channels, seem persuasive to me. Although the Court declined to explain why it didn't hear the case, I don't think the case presented such a substantial question that the Supreme Court was required to hear it.

  • Yes, the Supreme Court was right to reject the case

    Yes, the Supreme Court was right to reject the case by another state against Colorado's marijuana law. The Supreme Court has the right to choose which cases it hears. It the Supreme Court does not believe that there is a significant controversy that needs to be solved, it has the right to reject the case.

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