Was the toilet humor on "Seinfeld" hilarious (yes) or too graphic and disgusting for you at times (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes it was often crude

    But that was the point of Costanza. To make him so weird that one of his obsession had to do with anything related to bathrooms (which got crude a lot). A lot of the humor on "Seinfeld" revolved around peeing (which at the time of that 1991 episode would have gotten you an automatic R in a movie or TV-MA). But it was worth it. Never done for shock value. Lol

  • Seinfeld isn't Funny

    The lame people who sit watching Seinfeld endlessly and find it funny need to gain a new perspective on humor. Seinfeld took many examples of everyday activities and made them ludicrous and disgusting. Humor does not have to be disgusting to be funny. Seinfeld took many things, including bathroom humor, way too far.

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