Was the Treaty of Versailles fair to Germany? Which of the Allied leaders did you most agree with? Which of the provisions was the most fair? How about unfair?

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Was the Treaty of Versailles fair to Germany? Which of the Allied leaders did you most agree with? Which of the provisions was the most fair? How about unfair?
  • The Treaty of Versailles

    Yes, I think that the Treaty of Versailles was very fair to Germany. I think this because Germany deserved something bad in return for even starting the war. It was not fair to Germany how they did not really have a say on what went on in with the Treaty of Versailles. Germany should have known this was going to happen to them. They caused many men to become hurt, and even be killed by their own stupidity. Using the Schliffen Plan might of been good on their part,but in reality that was not a very good move for them. Continuing on and looking at Europe. Europe was destroyed and that should all be put on Germany's shoulders for that because Europe did not deserve anything of what happened to them. I would also have to say that I mostly agree with what Woodrow Wilson had to say. He said that Germany should pay for the things they have done and that is exactly it! I agree with not being able to have an air force in the air which is fair to some point. Flying over others to see where, and what they are doing I think is wrong. That is why I agree with the terms of not being able to have an air force in the air because if you did then you would easily be able to take out the enemy, and who would not do that? Anybody would most likely because it is most likely easier to kill more people with a plane then it is to shoot somebody. I surely did not agree with the fact that some of the land that was already claimed was taken away. From then on with the economy not being that great some countries did not have enough land where as some were on the edge of having nothing.

  • Influencing war doesn't come without consequences

    The Treaty of Versailles was fair to Germany even thought they were not involved in deciding what it would contain. It was fair because Germany started the war with the Schlieffen Plan. The war caused millions of people to die so because of that they should not have had a say in what the Treaty of Versailles said. I agree with David Lloyd George in his idea that the Kaiser should be killed and Germany should pay for what they have done. If they would have done this it would have cleared out some of the madness and allowed the country to start a new chapter. I don't think any of the provisions were unfair because they started it so they have to pay the punishment.

  • Treaty of Versailles is mostly fair

    The Treaty of Versailles was indeed fair to Germany. The treaty reduced Germany's army to 100,00 men, airforce was no longer allowed, and only 6 capitals were permitted to have naval ships but no submarines. To me, all of those restrictions were fair. Germany deserved mainly everything they got because they were the ones who started the war in the first place. I say don't do the crime if you can't do the time. The Treaty, in this case, was the "time" they had to do. Now, I do not think that the price set and Germany not knowing about the terms of the Treaty a while before they had to sign it, is unfair but at the same time, they knew this was bound to happen eventually. I semi agree with David Lloyd George of Britain because Germany should have paid but I absolutely do not agree with Clemenceau because Germany should not be destroyed. At least David realized that a strong Germany would stop the spread of Communism in central Europe. To conclude, the Treaty of Versailles was fair to Germany in some terms but unfair in some other terms, but I mostly think the Treaty was fair.

  • Its Completely fair

    I believe that the Germany should be completely responsible for what they did. They are the ones who used the Schleiffen Plan. They are the ones who invaded neutral Belgium. Germany did a really bad thing when they invaded neutral Belgium because that is a rule of war that countries must follow. Germany should be more accepting to the actions they got. They should realize that they did it to themselves. They killed a lot of soldiers and they cant just pretend and pout and cry about being treated to harshly.

  • The Treaty of Versailles

    On one hand the Treaty of Versailles was not fair to Germany, but on the other hand it was. Germany was said to be responsible for the cause of the war. If Germany was responsible for the starting of the war then Germany deserved something bad in return. I agree with Georges Clemenceau of France because Germany should never be allowed to start another war. The provision that was fair was the decrease to Germany’s army. If Germany’s army is decreased then they are most likely not going to start any more wars because they simply will not have enough man power to help them succeed. The provision that was unfair was the territorial extracting from Germany. Yes Germany is responsible for starting the war, but it is not right that they are getting land taken away from them for signing a treaty that they were forced to sign.

  • Treaty of Versailles

    I think the Treaty of Versailles was fair to Germany, even though they didn't have a say in what was in the Treaty. Germany started this war by using the Schliffen Plan. Millions of troops were wounded and killed. I mostly agree with Woodrow Wilson because he believed that Germany should be punished but not with revenge. If you would have punished them with revenge it would have later started another war because they would want to have gotten back at the Allies. I think that it was most fair to make a demilitarized zone because then they weren't allowed in a certain place with weapons which could protect other people. I think that the most unfair part was that all of their land was given away. Not only did they loose land but their economy was crushed and they were left with little to no land left.

  • Treaty of Versailles was fair

    I do think the Treaty was fair to Germany. They were the main cause for the war. They made some bad choices which caused the start of WWI. I do not think they should have been that harsh on them. Germany was brutally punished for the war. I agreed most with Woodrow Wilson. He was very lenient and he was trying to punish Germany, but not as harshly as the others. Wilson was trying to bring peace in a friendly way. Wilson wasn't seeking revenge.
    The most unfair provision was the military. It prevented them from actually growing in military wise. This would limit the safety of the nation and its people. The standards of the shrinking military were harsh as well. I think the reparations were fair. Germany caused many casualties, damage, and costs to the other countries in which they should pay for. That cost was very high for Germany, but they took the risk in attacking the other countries.

  • Treaty of Versailles beating a dead horse

    I feel that it was fair to Germany don’t get me wrong I think they should pay for damages but I think it’s a little wrong that the other countries involved who lost didn’t take any of the bad wrap. The amount of land they took crippled the countries economically which only hurt the people even more who were starving and already basically destroyed. I feel mostly the other countries were seeking revenge more than a rational punishment for the war. I like Woodrow the best because his fourteen point’s piece was the most rational even if a little over ambitious with the whole world peace none sense, it still had the best logical base. I feel that the fairest punishment was the military because even if they aren’t able to per say protect themselves in case of another war but it wouldn’t limit them with regrowth of the country.

  • There is a price to pay for helping to cause a war.

    The loss of life on both sides is an unpayable debt and the terms of the treaty were fair. Not only was there a great loss of life, but the damage to the European infrastructure was also impacted. The destruction in Europe was extensive and Germany was to blame. The Allied leader I agreed with was Georges Clemenceau of France. He stated that such destruction should never be allowed to happen again. The term that was the most fair was the reduction of Germany's military. It helped ensure that Germany would not be able to attack other European countries for a time. The most unfair term was the huge loss of land. Losing many of their industrial territories nearly bankrupted Germany and was a great blow to their already crippled economy.

  • Wrongs were justified and more

    I think that the Treaty is fair for the reason that Germany was not involved in any of the conflict for the assignation of the heir to Austria-Hungary. Russia had not even engaged against Germany… they were lining up on their border but they were mainly focusing on what the Austrian Empire would do. By acting on the Schliffen Plan they put basically all of Europe into chaos. I agree with Lloyd George with his thoughts of letting Germany have at least a decent bit of military to stand between Soviet Union and the rest of Europe. The fear felt towards the new communist country was understandable. Just look what happened to their country getting the communism government up into power. Their people were in terror of the revolution that lead to such loss of life and blood in their communities and family. The rest of Europe could only imagine what they would do if they would invade. In the treaty it definitely seemed reasonable that Germany be prohibited to have any U-boats. With the U-boats, Germany had set many people including American civilians to their watery deaths. What would have stopped them to do that again if they kept and built more U-boats? The only unfair act of the treaty was the amount of reparations that the Germans had to pay back. That part of the treaty had crushed their economy into an even more severe depression for all of the German people, than it was during the war. They were all having food shortages and other problems for the entire country, I could not imagine how hard it was for large families though.

  • The treaty did not give Germany a say

    I think that the treaty of Versailles was unfair to Germany. It was unfair because Germany had no say in the creation of the treaty. I agreed with George Clemceau of France on the allied side the most however. His belief was to make sure that Germany’s military was restricted to the point where they could not rise and start another war. I think that the most fair provision was the making of a new DMZ in Alsace Loraine which to me would work as a good neutral zone. The most unfair provision was taking away a large chunk of German industry and making Germany clean up the mess that the war created.

  • The Treaty of Versailles was a slap in the face to Germany

    The Treaty of Versailles was a primarily French-planned out destruction of Germany's chances of competing in the modern world. It basically called for Germany to limit its industrial capacity, give up its colonies, give out huge reparations to the cheese-eating surrender monkeys it was steamrolling, and limited the size of its military. The French wanted to make sure Germany would never threaten them again (20 years later...), the Brits wanted it over with, and the Americans wanted a fair settlement. In short, it left Germany humiliated, only beaten with America's massive industrial capacity and raw troop numbers coming in in the final stages of the war. One French general remarked that the treaty wasn't a treaty, it was a 20-year ceasefire. And how right he was...

  • No the correct place to asked this

    Start a debate, this are yes or no questions, I suggest you to take a position and defend it against some one else, by that you ill know how right or wrong are you thinking, if this is for a homework, you are in the wrong place, go and read to created your own opinion before forcing yourself to accept the others thought

  • Not Fair to Germany

    I agree with the UK because they just wanted to get rid of the Kaiser and he was the one who agreed to enter the war with their ally’s. The treaty was unfair to Germany because at the end of the war they were broke and starving. They had no say in any of the parts of the treaty. So on top of that some of Germanys land was divided up and distributed to various countries. On top of all of that they had reparations to pay out. They had no industry left to rebuild there economy and a bad reputation. So when all was said and done on Germany they basically were no longer a functioning country, that couldn’t be rebuilt unless they got help from other countries. The most unfair provision is all the money they had to pay because it’s an unrealistic amount of money. The fairest provision is that Germany had to give its colonies up because they don’t necessarily need them and that’s the least of their worries.

  • Treaty of Versailles Unfair to Germany

    I do not think the Treaty of Versailles was fair to Germany. They were not invited to Versailles to help create the treaty, they were just forced to sign it. Even though they did not agree with it, they had to sign it because the Allies were threatening invasion. The Germans were not strong enough to start the war again. Their land was given away, their army was reduced, and they were forced to pay £6,600 million that they would not be able to pay. Even though I do not agree with the treaty, I support Clemenceau’s belief that Germany should not be able to start another war again. Therefore; I think the provisions that limit Germany’s military are the most fair. I think the provision that gives Germany’s land away is the least fair since they have no way of defending it because they are not strong enough to fight for it.

  • The Treaty of Versailles was overkill

    Although Germany was partly at fault for the start of WWI, they were far from being the main cause, and therefore I don’t believe they deserved the ultimatum they were given. Germany had lost more than 2 million men in the war, not to mention the financial difficulty and starvation the country was facing as a result of the British blockade. Georges Clemenceau of France and Lloyd George of Britain only cared about getting revenge on Germany. France specifically wanted and succeeded in taking back Alsace Lorraine from Germany. And on top of that, Germany was practically forced into dividing their land, demobilization, and paying extreme reparations. If Germany had refused, they would have been invaded, which was yet another unruly obstacle Germany didn’t need.

    Though President Woodrow Wilson’s desire to create everlasting world peace was foolish and impossible, I still agree more with him and his ’14 Points’ then with Georges Clemenceau and Lloyd George. The whole purpose of the ’14 Points’ was to target the numerous causes of WWI to prevent any major wars in the future. This, in my opinion, was more fair and rational then France’s and Britain’s wants to crush Germany when they were already troubled enough.

  • Not fair at all!

    I don't think the treaty of Versailles was fair to Germany because for starters, Germany did not have a say in the Treaty. That just shows that Germany will not gain much from it. Likewise, the Treaty took land from Germany. Taking the land leads to the destruction of their economy. Business' such as coal mines were taken away from them with that land. Also, the military had become restricted, such that they were not to use tanks in war. So, all in all, yeah, my opinion is that Germany was treated unfairly in this Treaty. I agreed with Woodrow Wilson the most out of any of the "Big Three" because he did want to blame Germany, BUT he did also want to prevent future war and therefore came the 14 points. He was more fair to Germany than Clemenceau and David Lloyd George with the fact that they wanted to destroy Germany while they were weak.

  • The Treaty of Versailles was not fair to Germany

    I believe that the Treaty of Versailles was not fair to Germany. The creation of the treaty did not allow Germany to have any part in its creation, ensuring that all countries get to make decisions for them. I agree with Clemenceau, Germany should have been "brought to its knees". It was a plan that made Germany unable to start a war which when looking ahead Germany was able to do. I think that one of the most fair was Saar, Danzig and Memel being able to vote to stay in Germany because that gave some power to people other than The League of Nations. The most unfair was the amount that forced to pay when both sides caused significant damage.

  • Germany got cheated...

    I agree with the United Kingdom because it wasn’t the German people whom necessarily wanted to go to war it was just the Kaiser and his allies. The Treaty of Versailles was not fair to the Germans whatsoever. First off they were not even a part of the treaty. They didn’t even ask them to come down and help instead it says that they refused to ask Lenin’s government because they did not think it was legit. If they don’t want them to be there and be a part of it then why would they force them to sign it? In the treaty the most favorable provision was dividing the land up. The Germans do not nessicarily need all of their land. The most unfair provision was the fact that they had to pay a insane amount of money.

  • Unfair to Germany

    The Treaty of Versailles was completely unfair to Germany. It took away too much from the country who wasn't all at fault for the war. The direct cause of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand actually had nothing to do with them and only just caused them to mobilize troops faster than planned. One of their allies also dropped out of the war leaving them to fend for themselves. Out of all the allied leaders I agreed with Woodrow Wilson the most. He stood for world peace even though not all of the other leaders stood for the same values as he did. He wanted to be lenient on Germany, which would make the German people a lot less enraged with the Allies. The most fair of the provisions on the Treaty was the financial implications made on Germany. The amount of money the they were made to pay was way over an amount that they could ever dream to pay off making them permanently in debt. The most fair provision to me was the military cutoffs. I can see why they wanted to take away from Germany's military. They wanted to keep them from trying to overthrow the Allies which is understandable.

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