Was the U.S. economy better under George W. Bush?

  • No question it was.

    The economy didn't go under bad until towards the end of Bush's last term. The economy was great under most of Bush. Obama has raised the debt more than Bush did in office and any other president. Unemployment was lower, less people on food stamps, less welfare, and George Bush as of right now is more popular, and considered a more successful president than Obama. No one I knew was laid off and in my family under Bush. During Obama's 2nd year in office, 3 people in my family were struggling and 6 people I know have lost their jobs. Much better under Bush.

  • Yes It Was

    The economy was better while George Bush was in office. That's because we are now feeling the consequences of the mistakes that Bush made. President Clinton left this country in great shape and Bush sent us into a depression He was a horrible president that didn't know what he was doing.

  • The Economy Was Much Worse Under Bush

    One of the biggest financial meltdowns in the United States' history occurred under President George W. Bush. The stock market crashed, the country went into major debt over two wars Bush started, the banks stopped lending money, and the economy collapsed. This all happened under Bush. This makes it very clear that the economy was definitely not better when he was the president.

  • Not one bit.

    The economy may have been perceived to have been better under George Bush, but that's only because Bill Clinton set the ground work and Bush lived out the legacy. Bush was unable to maintain what Clinton set up and threw the entire economy into a depression. It was inevitable and no matter what Obama did, it would have happened.

  • Bush Ruined The Economy

    During the presidency of George W. Bush, people were riding the wave of success built under President Clinton in the 1990s. When Bush came into power, he began spending at such a rate that the United States' government got massively into debt. This included war spending in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then the collapse of the financial market happened. This was all under Bush, so no the economy was not better then.

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