Was the U.S. economy destroyed by the policies of Democrats?

  • Yes! We Need a New President

    Obama has made promises that he hasn't fulfilled. He is banning guns around the United States, and according to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, we are allowed to own firearms. America is known for having rights because we are not a communist country, but because of Obama, our country is slowly turning communist. Guns are a way for good people to defend against the crazy people. If we are banned from guns, the crazy people will find ways to gets guns illegally and we will be screwed because we won't have anything to defend ourselves with. Doesn't this make sense!?

  • Yes!

    Democratic politicians believe that the free market is not the solution and keep increase spending that no one can pay for. Raising taxes and relegating destroys the market and society. Yes, there are republicans support government spending but it is mostly from democrats. We are in worse shape because of liberal ideology.

  • Yes!

    Since Barack Obama took office America has been in a downward spiral. It is his policies and actions that has lead America to get in this shape. It will take us years to get out of debt and correct all the damage. It will take years for the economy to recover and people to get back to work.

  • We need to Protect American people.

    Look at all states in financial issues and high murders. All run by democrats. They always think some stupid group will come up with ways to fix issues and the money from our taxes go down the toilet. This president has spent and placed us in more debt then all presidents prior including Bush. Also Obama could care less if the US is destroyed. I have NEVER seen any other president act like this. He has caused more division between races, ages,etc. Then any other president. He has idea how to accomplish anything, such as protecting the American people. Wake up

  • Absolutely not!

    It was wall streets fault this whole mess happened. They were giving loans to people with a credit rating of 525! Guess what? All most all of them didnt even pay a penny back which forced debt on banks. So this mess was the stock markets fault. If you think that Obama is worsening this debt, hes actually helping us.

  • No, it is the Republicans.

    When Clinton was in office he had higher tax rates and when he left office this country was in good financial shape. The Bush Administration spent all the money in reserve and then some. From there, the Republicans have this bizarre idea that we cannot now ever raise taxes, and they have balked on any measure that would lower the deficit except taking more away from poor people. It is the Republicans failure to be flexible that has caused most of the harm to our economy.

  • Republicans Destroyed The Economy

    If you want to know who destroyed the Economy look at the Republican Party. The choices and moves they made during the Bush Administration were just terrible and now we are facing the consequences. Bad business decisions, engaging in unnecessary wars, and other stupid policies led to the economy being a disaster.

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