• It was harmful

    It was harmful to everyone involved believe it or not. We have veterans that are coming back sick and they can't find decent jobs. They are out of work and injured. The Iraqis are made at the world for invading their country. It has made the Taliban more anti American.

  • The US invasion of Iraq was harmful.

    Many would argue that the only reason the US went to Iraq was oil. If that were the case, we have yet to see the fruits of that labor. Others claim that the level of 'insurgency' or terrorist cells in Iraq had grown too high to ignore. The US arrived and attracted them all. Prior to the US arrival, Sadaam ruled with an iron fist. The final argument for deploying to Iraq was for the Kurds. The Kurds are still dying in Iraq. We solved nothing. We spent money, died, and solved nothing.

  • Yes, I think the US invasion of Iraq was harmful.

    Overall I think the War in Iraq cost too many human lives and cost way too much money and in general hurt America's image in the world, I think the War in Iraq was a complete mistake and in the end the Government refused to realize this until almost a decade had gone by and they had to pull out.

  • It Was Unjust

    I believe the United States invasion of Iraq was foolish and harmful. I feel like President Bush was set on fixing or changing what his father did while in office. I think he wanted to go to Iraq and I think he got what he wanted. Overall I feel these actions were more harmful and we should feel lucky that Iraq is progressing as smoothly as they are right now.

  • No, the US invasion of Iraq was good.

    I thought that the invasion of Iraq by the United States of America was a good thing. It showed that America was willing to commit to treaties and policies even when our allies did not. Other nations learned that we were willing to enforce our principles to countries that broke agreements with us.

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