Was the U.S. justified in dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

  • The thumbs up

    This side has a thumbs up and the other side does not. This side is therefore better. Facebook also has a thumbs up so this side is good. Hooray, hooray for the hundredth day. Also, Hiroshima is a person, not a city, and Nagasaki is a sailboat, not a city. Only two people died.

  • They Were multiple times and not warned

    The Japanese were warned multiple times including after the first bomb on Hiroshima. They also did not even care about there own people and would have went on and have many more people killed if we didnt. It also showed Russia we were not to be messed with. Plus if we didnt use the bomb first other countries could have dropped one first on other countries or ourselves.

  • They were warned

    The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and killed many civilians. It was also a surprise and unfair attack in which there was many american casualties and the American Navy suffered heavy losses. Also the Japanese had been warned to surrender or they'd face mass destruction and yet they still refused. Although any innocent lives were lost and two cities were pretty much completely leveled and destroyed, they had a chance to surrender.

  • Read all about it!

    Source : Richardrhodes.Com "RICHARD RHODES is the author or editor of twenty-four books including The Making of the Atomic Bomb, which won a Pulitzer Prize in Nonfiction, a National Book Award and a National Book Critics Circle Award" In this book Mr. Rhodes documents interviews taken after the war. One of the interviews was with Japan's leading physicist who also headed up Japan's atomic bomb research program ( yes, Japan was working on the atomic bomb as were several other countries in the 1930's). He was called to Hiroshima to advise Japan on what to do. Seeing that the USA had used a uranium based bomb, this physicist advised his government to CONTINUE THE WAR, as it would take months to prep another uranium bomb. After Nagasaki, however, he found evidence of a plutonium based bomb and advised his government to SURRENDER or face total destruction. So you see, even the first bomb was not enough to end the war. And the rest, as they say, is history.

  • We needed to teach the Japs a lesson-For the safety of all of Asia.

    Japs butchered 30 million innocent Chinese, Koreans, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Singaporeans, Pacific Islanders, Malayasians, Thais, Manchurians. . Cutting pregnant women open ripping fetuses, Ram bamboo poles up girls’ vaginas, Injecting people with Bubonic plague. . Then cutting them open while alive. . And they do that to tens of millions of people.
    Killing their soldiers didn’t teach them a lesson. Bombing Jap cities to the ground taught them a lesson.
    To this day, Japs becry Hiroshima for the horrors of war. Then they say “never again”. . . No more war forever. That’s exactly what we want them to say and think.
    If we never killed their civilians, Even if they lost, That war would be something glorious for them. They don’t say “never again” about Manila or Nanjing.
    They say “never again” to Hiroshima.
    Through that loss of their families. . Brothers, Sisters. . . Children, Babies a million of them broiled.
    Through that loss, They learned the much greater loss they inflicted on tens of millions of Asian.
    So for the safety of all of Asia, We needed to incinerate 1 million jap women and children-to teach them a lesson. . To make all japs say “never again” to war.

  • Ultimately necessary wake-up

    The Japanese had planned Operation Cherry Blossom which would've targeted civilian cities with lasting effects on it's civilians. That doesn't mean we have to stoop to their level but I think by dropping those bombs, It produced a wake-up call to the stubborn Government that was willing to fight to the death in most instances. Even after the bombing, Two generals tried to stop the Emperor from airing his surrender. By giving the impression we had many more bombs, We were able to make them realize their situation was pointless and that they had to surrender or more lives would be harmed.

  • Saved more lives than it took away

    An invasion meant that US military personal had to occupy land well known to the Japanese army, invariably leading to large losses on both sides. Hiroshima proved the Japanese were not going to surrender swiftly if the Americans launched a ground invasion although naval blockades of essential resources made it impossible for the Japanese to continue fighting let alone feed their people. The nuclear bombs also destroyed chances of a Japanese created bomb being deployed against American troops. The Japanese nuclear research project was short of time and a slow invasion of the Japan would have provided the necessary time for a nuclear warhead's development. This weapon would have changed the tide of the war as Japan would without a doubt have deployed the bomb on their enemies creating a deadly nuclear war.

  • Potentially Saved Millions of Lives, Prevented Nuclear Armageddon

    The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki possibly saved millions of civilian lives in Japan had the Allied made the next logical step with a D-Day style invasion. Millions of troops may also have been spared certain death to try to occupy Japan. In the longer term, dropping those two bombs may have prevented a nuclear Armageddon later during the Cold War as both the United States and the Soviet Union knew what dropping nuclear bombs meant if the superpowers chose that course of action. Otherwise, both nations might have more readily launched nukes at each other, thereby destroying modern human civilization.

  • We are trying to win

    The United States of America should have dropped the bombs in Japan because we had to get the war over in the first place. What would of happened if we had not dropped the bomb in Japan. Is it possible that we would of had to send troops to the country.

  • Rules of warfare

    You do not bomb, let alone nuclear bomb,on innocent civilians. People who had nothing to do with the war had there lifes taken away from them and many suffered from the radiation left behind. But America is such a great country so who could think that they did something wrong. Japan sucks anyways! ;)

  • If this works

    You do not drop bombs, let alone NUCLEAR bombs, on innocent civilians. People who had nothing to do with the war had their lives taken away from them and many other suffered from the radiation left behind. Even if "lives were saved" one has to follow the rules of warfare. Do not kill innocent people. Find another way to end the war. The United States was not justified in dropping the bombs and should have found another way to do it. Not to mention the whole decision to drop the

  • Of course not,

    America had developed a wepon of mass destruction with a radiation residue and desided to drop it on a civilian area with children, the argument being that the Japanese civilians were all "kamakazi like warriors. How can a 2 year old be considered a suicidal maniac warrior? How can this be thought of as right? DylR

  • No, there is no justification.

    The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Naagasaki was just an example of how horrible our government can be and how soon the world forgets--or has not forgotten, which explains some of our problems now. Civilians were tortured and killed and harmed for life because of this misuse of power.

  • The US was not justified in dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    The US was not justified in dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is because the damage from atomic bombs lasts centuries. The Japanese are now our Allies, and they continue to face negative consequences due to these bombings. A less severe retaliation would have sufficed for their actions.

  • No It Was Not

    I do not believe the United States had any business dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima or Nagasaki. The fall out of these bombs will be felt for decades to come, still. I think it would be better for us, all of us, to scrap all of our nuclear programs. Nuclear weapons are dangerous and threaten our very existence and should not be used.

  • It was inhumane

    The U.S. had been constructing the atomic bomb for years before this event occurred.- as early as 1938. The attack of Pearl Harbor didn't occur until 1941.

    - This leads us to concluding that the atomic bomb attack was possibly pre-meditated. The U.S. was simply waiting for an excuse to use such weaponry. Therefore, it was not justified because the U.S. had very little reason to use it other than for revenge, caused thousands of civilian deaths.
    The use of the atomic bomb was not justified because the act killed many innocent civilians, who had absolutely nothing to do with the war or the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    In total,200,000 civilian died. Of all the places the U.S. could’vie chosen to bomb, they selected an area mainly occupied by citizens.

    If their objective was to terminate the Japanese military in order to prevent another terror such as Pearl Harbor, they wouldn’t have made such a point to murder innocent citizens instead.

    The attack of Pearl Harbor only killed around 3,000 people, which was minor in comparison to the effects of the atomic bomb.
    “Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat it,” philosopher George Santayana said. Let’s not forget this inhumane action taken on August 6th, 1945. In the small hours of a warm summer day, the B-29 plane flew from a US base over the Japanese mainland. In the hold was an experimental bomb, codenamed Little Boy. The target: Hiroshima.
    Enola Gay, the pilot, faced no resistance as it dropped the bomb. 45 seconds later the city was destroyed in a blinding instant. 80,000 men, women and children were killed and tens of thousands wounded and poisoned by radiation from the bomb.
    3 days later, another nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. A week later, Japan surrendered. The bomb brought World War Two to an end, but the question here is was it justified? No, it wasn’t.

  • America did it for 2 reasons

    1. To test which type (plutonium or uranium) is more destructive
    2. To show off power against the Soviet Union

    people with high IQs understand why the US was not justified. I seldom see a smart person who believes it was justified. Einstein warned against the use of the bombs. Let's be real guys, u don't drop The most destructive weapon in the world TWICE to save lives. It just doesn't add up. And don't forget that the problems don't just end with the initial destructions. The gamma rays effects linger through the generations. That is why to this day, people from Nagasaki and Hiroshima still suffer from birth defects. They were not born the way God made them because of a stupid decision by the US. Also, please note that these bombs were not dropped on the soldiers that were about to fight in war, instead, they were dropped on CIVILIAN CITIES. The populations of the 2 cities prior to the bombings were added to about half of a million people. Again these people were CIVILIANS. This is like dropping a bomb on the city of Las Vegas. No military importance whatsoever. Just your everyday cities where parents go to work and kids go to school. And then they were BOMBED. "oh but it was to save lives!" really now? Come on! If you're going to make an excuse for testing some bombs at least make it realistic! And not only did these bombs kill half a million people on contact and leave lingering effects on the CIVILIANS, it caused UTTER destruction. Homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals, and more were all blown up to "save lives". I mean really! At this point it's just common sense now. COMMON. SENSE.

  • US didn't even test the bomb

    The USA ignorantly just blew up two cities and killed so many innocent people just because they felt if was justified liked they are God. And it seems like Japanese was going to lose and surrender, but USA wanted payback for the Pearl Harbor attack so they decided to pull probably the most barbaric and cowardly act of killing innocent people without even putting any soldiers at risk and bombing a city from a plane. What a stupid idiotic disgrace!

  • USA just found a cowards way out

    They looked for an easy solution, they didn't care about anyone else but themselves and just decided to drop the bomb and kill thousands and the majority being innocent for their own good. Sure, you can say you're not suppose to care about your enemy, but the innocent aren't enemies.....

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