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Yes it was justified because they were warned.

  I have one simple argument if the bomb was not dropped a land invasion was planned for the 1st of November 1945, which would have cost the U.S. 1 million troops, and the Japanese 3 to 4 million troops civilians ect... all Japanesse were ordered to fight to the death.
JonathanGray says2013-03-23T09:20:19.577
Japan was already planning on surrendering when they heard that Germany surrendered and that the Soviet Union was also going to start fighting them if they didn't surrender, they were already ready to surrender but the bombs really only killed civilians and didn't really help the war to much.
Anonymous says2013-03-27T22:37:45.357
The Japanese were not warned about the bombing of Hiroshima. It wasn't in the Leaflet's list.
Anonymous says2013-04-01T23:08:17.740
You are both wrong. The Japanese were looking for a way for the Soviet Union not to attack them. They were not surrendering. The Japanese government enacted a policy that stated that every man women and child would sacrifice themselves if needed to to save their country. One general in the Japanese army even stated that he thought a nation wide suicide would be as beautiful as a blooming flower... So no they weren't planning on surrendering. And it helped a ton because the Emperor was disgusted by the whole war and wanted it to end but his generals and politicians were pushing him to keep going. After the second bomb he was so fed up he demanded that they write up a surrender. So if you think that the bombs didn't help with the surrender you are very wrong. Also Japan was warned a little because we told them that if they didn't surrender we would cause swift and utter destruction. And that was on the leaflets but the government picked up every leaflet and wouldn't let the Japanese people keep them.
Anonymous says2013-04-09T20:54:11.250
Mr gray is exactly right. Couldn't have said it any better.
Anonymous says2013-05-14T09:41:12.347
Japan was given the ultimatum of being nuked or surrendering unconditionally. It was justified to drop the bomb.
lewis20 says2013-07-14T01:44:49.547
Japan wanted to surrender on the condition that they maintain their emperor. We said no, nuked them into unconditional surrender, then allowed them to keep their emperor anyway.
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