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Dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a disgusting and inhumane thing to do.

  Taking out thousands of civilians has to be considered a war crime. The only nation that shouldn't be allowed weapons is the US, as it is too uneducated to use them. Truman was nothing other than a brutal murderer, as were the men who dropped the bomb and the ones who supported it.
Anonymous says2013-03-08T20:47:57.237
When you kill civilians in war it's not a crime its something you must see as a thing for your country if its necessary
Anonymous says2013-03-14T05:40:12.773
what about what the Japanese did to the Koreans and the Chinese?
Anonymous says2013-03-14T07:40:00.320
Japan deserved it 100 percent
Rape of nanking more than justified it
O yeah don't forget they massacred more people than the nazis between 1932 and 1945
Anonymous says2013-03-17T23:21:48.577
it is right and wrong. The Japanese did very wrong things to others, but they were about to surrender anyways
Anonymous says2013-03-20T21:09:21.597
^He is right if they had Japan had seen the destruction they would have surrendered but becasue they didnt have tellegrams or anything they couldnt "See" The sheer damageit had caused
Anonymous says2013-04-01T18:44:02.017
You have no mental support. Yes I agree that the murder was a horrible event and RIP to all who died. But there would have been a land evasion that would have killed many more people from both sides than the bombs did. Plus it was in Japans blood to never give up. Thats what the dictator wanted. So, it sadly was needed.
Anonymous says2013-04-02T13:28:50.467
Taking out innocent people is a horrible thing, but would you rather just wait to see our inncoent Americans be killed? I dont think so, Japan had it coming.
Anonymous says2013-04-18T12:18:20.290
No, the Japanese were absolutely not going to surrender. They actually had just obtained a new leader of their war council who planned a complete fight to the death. This last resort was not only orders for the military, but also the civilians. "Innocent" people were ready to fight to the death, men women and even old enough children. This is because the Japanese mindset which is formed from their religion and proud military backgound. They believed that they were the ultimate race, chosen by their gods. Surrender was not an option, they would indeed fight to the bitter end. If the bombs were not dropped then there are only two alternitives: 1) Invade the mainland of Japan, this wojld result in countless Japanese deaths and also countless American deaths. 2) Let Japan run rampant in the Pacific, which would ultimatly lead to more attacks on the US. Even though the dropping of the Abombs was a tragic event, America's hand was forced, we had no other options (that would stop Japan in a less leathal way).
Anonymous says2013-05-08T03:36:52.253
You think the bomb was injumane!? Look up what japanese guards did to american prisoners! I dare you. You will see what is inhumane
Anonymous says2013-05-24T13:55:19.837
The guys who actually dropped the bomb were just carrying out orders. They didn't even know what it would do.
Anonymous says2013-06-08T00:56:48.990
I agree that Truman was inexperienced, however, as president of America his first priority was to save American lives, not Japanese. Since he had a way of ending the war without harming any Americans, he took it. It was 140,000 people as oppose to 1 million, had the Americans attacked the Japans.
JakeKita says2014-05-23T02:01:36.867
So you would rather send thousands upon thousands of American soldiers who by the way, are away from their families STILL, then send two bombs, take out two cities, and end the war. What is just? Shooting your enemy in the head or in the stomach to make him bleed out? The atomic bomb was a head shot, a long waged war is bleeding Japan to literally nothing. You are sending infantry raids ALL OVER Japan. Can you imagine what these pissed off soldiers would do? IS Truman a brute or, is he one who just wants our men home and to end a war the United States did not want to join?
TRENT4USA4EVER says2016-05-28T00:37:07.270
That's ludicrous of you to call those military men "brutal murderers"..They didn't have a choice, if they disobeyed orders- they would've been court-martial'd & thrown in jail. THEY HAD NO CHOICE, that's how the military works. So don't disrespect them. If you're going to blame the bombings on anyone, then blame it on the politicians in suits who made the call. Not the guys who were obeying orders & had no choice.

(by the way, I'm on the fence with this debate. Not sure whether it was justified or not)
maddmaxx says2020-08-06T15:06:49.827
Too bad, We got nukes!
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