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The US was justified in dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  Japan already killed over 2,000 people in the Pearl Harbor bombings. We had done nothing to provoke them, unless you count our cutting off trade with Japan, limiting their oil supply. That was also reasonable, as they were rapidly conquering the Indian Ocean and wanted to take the Pacific too. In addition, this was nearing the end of WWII. Hitler and Germany were already out of the picture, but Japan was still strong, holding several hundred islands in the Indian Ocean. We moved to take out Japan by defeating the Japanese on several islands, but because of their kamikazes, we took heavy casualties, and the Japanese lost far less men than we did. A full-scale invasion of Japan would have cost thousands upon thousands of American lives, and that was simply unacceptable! Dropping the atomic bombs saved American lives and crippled the Japanese from attacking us, thus effectively ending WWII in the Pacific Ocean.
Anonymous says2013-03-20T16:14:57.793
Mr. Rossow,I strongly disagree with anything that redheads say. What are you, a 14 year old middle school student?
Anonymous says2013-03-20T23:56:12.230
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Anonymous says2013-03-21T19:40:53.873
2000 people compared to 2 million
Anonymous says2013-04-03T17:52:41.527
I've learned this recently and i agree with Timmy_R if America hadn't dropped the bomb then we (Americans)would've had an endless war. Probably killing more people that were in the bombing.
Anonymous says2013-04-04T03:53:18.307
Truman decided that if the bombs weren't dropped then the casualties of innocent Japanese families along with Americans would have died in a larger quantity. So yes the bombs were justified or more people would have died.
Anonymous says2013-05-11T22:30:53.740
Pearl Harbor was a military strike, in retaliation of political aggression from the United States. You cannot use that as justification for the incineration of civilians.
Anonymous says2013-05-21T03:39:59.700
Yep because we definitely did nothing to provoke them besides invading their homeland and killing thousands of people(military and civilian).
Anonymous says2013-05-23T13:27:37.913
^Get your facts straight. Pearl Harbor WAS unprovoked. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki came four years later in 1945
lana2811 says2013-05-28T00:33:32.547
What are you talking about? Pearl Harbor was totally provoked. We were so racist during the Treaty of Versailles. We didn't allow Japan to even attend the meeting. Then, we wouldn't allow them to create an empire of conquering Asia even though we and many other European countries had expanded our empires by taking over many countries. Our reason for that was that they were Asian, so they shouldn't be allowed to have an empire, so we cut off all trade with Japan.
Anonymous says2013-06-02T07:11:38.550
I agree with with lana2811 about the provoking part. Japan had no choice but to bomb pearl harbor. And on top of that during the war America raided japan so many times like the tokyo air raid on march tenth? Most of the people died were innocent people. Near the end of the war, Japan was already burnt up. There were dead people in the street, train station and so on because of the lack of resources. Even in those kind of conditions America nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When they didn't even know how dangerous it was. Even few years later, after the war, there were innocent people who died from the radiation in the soil. There is this biography about this 12 year old girl who got hospitalized because of the radiation. Until the day she died she kept on folding cranes after hearing the story about the senbazuru (means thounsad cranes). It is said that if you create a 1000 cranes you will get better. She kept on folding those cranes, hopeing that she will get better. How can you people be so cruel and say that it was necessary? It might of been necessary to bomb one of the city but there is no excuse in bombing nagasaki too!
Anonymous says2013-06-19T19:39:57.997
Anonymous says2013-06-20T13:43:30.137
Not only did we provoke them before Pearl Harbor, we were feeding Europeans weapons that would be used to help in the war that we neutral in. And revenge killings of 200000 people because they bombed us first is in no way justified. Coming from a flawed compassionate person, it makes me sick to hear that the dropping of the bombs was justified. Those poor people.
ryankm says2013-12-05T04:01:47.047
1: Racism within the US did somewhat influence Japan's entrance into WWII but it did not justify its aggression in the Pacific or its bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Japan suffered from extreme overpopulation and initially wanted to solve it by allowing a large number of people to emigrate. The US passed legislation (back in 1921 I think) which specifically limited the number of Japanese immigrants that would be granted US citizenship. This led Japan to look towards expanding into Manchuria, Korea and Pacific Islands as a means of acquiring more living space. (Kinda like Hitler's concept of lebensraum) Expansion in the pacific near US territory in the Philippines and Hawaii made it so that conflict would be unavoidable. Japan started the aggression in the Pacific and made a preemptive strike against Pearl Harbor because they knew that the US would respond with force once they were finished fighting the Germans.

I don't see how anyone can think that the attack on Pearl Harbor was provoked.
ryankm says2013-12-05T04:09:48
2: In response to Timothy: The Japanese actually suffered more casualties than the Americans. Japan suffered over 2 million casualties while the US suffered slightly over 400,000 over the course of the entire war.

I agree with those who say that a land invasion would have cost thousands of American and Japanese lives. Where I disagree is at the point that the land invasion was inevitable. People need to prove that this is true since it is a critical part of the debate. Without proving this you're argument is insufficient.
AnnaMaria says2014-03-08T02:22:03.990
Actually, what you fail to see is that, yes, the US did lose 2k people, but keep in mind that Pearl Harbor is a military base. It is very common for military bases to be attacked. We counteracted by attacking their cities. We killed over 250k people, not to mention that because of the bombing, to this day, children are being born with deformities. So really, it was not justified.
kuroko says2014-03-28T04:21:49.793
Cause choking Japan's economy and blaming them for being involved in the war is totally legit... If it was for revenge, wouldn't the Tokyo firebombing be enough oh also the Air Raid in Hachiouji? The Allied Forces made Japan and Germany suffer so much to the point they had to fight and supposively the Allied Forces are the "good guys" simply because they won the war? Sure, I'm not saying the things that Nazi Germany and Japan did are justifiable. HOWEVER, that goes for the Allied Forces too. Just saying.
mr.knowitall2014 says2014-05-26T09:50:52.513
Appareantly the U.S. didnt even loose half as much soldiers as the Japanese did, prior to "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" the casualties were: around 100.000 U.S. and around half a million on Japanese sides. However I agree that the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a "necessary Evil" as Truman called it.
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