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No, anyone who says otherwise is a horrible human being that doesn't want to admit that the United States is not a force for good.

  Prior to reading some of these arguments, I was honestly willing to believe that Americans were at least somewhat remorseful for the horrible crime that was the dropping of the Atomic bomb. Wow, have you people ever proven me wrong. It appears that not only do Americans believe that this disgusting act was justified, but that it was the right thing to do. You disgust me. Children, I repeat, innocent children, were butchered. Many of these children died slow, horrible deaths. I can only imagine the outrage that would come from the citizens of the United States if New York had been bombed, and instead you were the ones who had to watch the skin melt off of your children's faces. I even read one comment stating that dropping the atomic bomb was a good thing, because it allowed people to see the effects. To whomever said that, screw you, you are a despicable human being. The United States is an evil Juggernaut that uses their powerful military to rob poor, desolate countries of what little wealth and oil they have. Your nation is evil, accept it, and maybe use your voices to try and change it. Your ignorance will not stop the mass murders committed to this day in the name of American "freedom."
Anonymous says2013-02-18T02:32:19.800
America was justified. the japenese never took prisoners and if they did they took them to japan and emaciated (starve until they are nothing but bones and skin) them. Plus if we didnt bomb japan we would have had to invade. If we did that aproxiamately 1,000,000 americans would have died with even more japenese deaths. So, we did the betterof the two.
Anonymous says2013-03-13T18:36:13.597
You are only supposed to state your reason, not judge other people for choosing a different one!
Anonymous says2013-03-14T13:08:36.060
Your heart is filled with hate, my son. Hate has blinded your mind and your ability to think and reason. When you said you read a comment saying it was a good thing and then continued you say "screw you" I would like to point something out to you. The cold war was so close to going nuclear that it had family's fearing for their lives. The main thing that stopped that from happening was we looked back on history and the devastation of Japan and what happened. America and Russia saw the affects of what happened then and that kept it from happening again but on a MUCH larger scale with many more bombs dropping, and millions of more innocent lives being lost. Therefore it was a good thing for people to see the affects. Next time please open your eyes and your mind, instead of letting hate for America fill and corrupt your soul.

-Father 'Murica
Anonymous says2013-04-03T19:30:44.523
Funny thing is, america lets the country they defeat keep their crap. So number one your argument is invalid there. Number 2 letting others see the affects of the bomb was a good idea. Maybe after seeing that it would discourage other countries from doing it. Number 3 are you retarded? We didn't butcher kids, the japanese butchered japanese kids.
Anonymous says2013-04-06T00:38:24.650
How ignorant can YOU be, America is a nosy country, but they attacked with no remorse (FIRST!!!), there weren't as many casualties there as the bombings cause they suck at flying
Anonymous says2013-04-06T23:47:04.960
How can there still be people who have hateful feelings towards the Japanese that you insult them dumbly? ("cause they suck at flying") Seriously? Can't you show just a tidbit of remorse towards the atrocity that was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? People are STILL being affected by this bombing, it only killed 250,000 people at first, but birth defects, crop mutation and many other dangerous side affects have come up recently. And why other than political factors and some minor economical factors did the Cold war even begin? A dumb rivalry between two countries. They may not have gone nuclear in the Cold war, because of the effects of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but if the US hadn't bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they likely would have bombed some other populated area, so they could test their "toys". Who names their mass genocidal inventions!? ("Little boy" and "Fat man") America wanted to test it out, Hiroshima and Nagasaki gave them that chance. Another point is that America doesn't let countries they defeat keep their "crap". America often uses military prowess to take what they want when it comes to land and resources. An even more over looked factor is that while the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, they attacked many other countries to make a front into the East. America disregards these other attacks and only pays attention to themselves. One final factor is that PEARL HARBOR WAS A MILITARY BASE, HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI WERE NOT. Yes, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor without warning, but they attacked the military of the US, the US attacked CIVILIANS. Why did America even join WWII? Only because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which killed only about 5,000 Americans. Nagasaki and Hiroshima had about 250,000 deaths. I personally hate to base my argument on number of casualties, but 5,000 is a lot less than 250,000. And if those 5,000 deaths didn't happen, none of these arguments about the bombings saving lives (some people say in the millions) would have any meaning. Please be less close minded about this topic, this is only caused by America's group-mentality and pride. Research all sides of the story before insulting peoples' point of view. On both sides of this debate.
Anonymous says2013-04-10T00:21:17.263
1 I don't hate the Japanese, I hate what they did. 2 I can honestly say I don't have much pride and rather live in Mexico. 3 If they didn't attack Pearl Harbor, the U.S wouldn't nuke Japan. 4 I researched both sides and saw that Japan did WWWAAYY more messed up things than the U.S could even have nightmares about,so get YOUR facts straight
P.S: To kids affected today, I only hate your ancestors DECISIONS
Anonymous says2013-04-15T22:18:28.763
I lost my toes in Vietnam
Anonymous says2013-04-18T03:45:39.893
Even with the dropping of the A-bomb, the Japanese still committed far worse atrocities than the United states ever did. They killed anywhere from 400,000 to 20,000,000 chinese both in the fighting and testing out biological weapons.
joshfeinblatt says2014-01-21T21:27:42.587
Why should we care about murdering innocent people when the Japanese didn't care? Korean comfort women, orders to kill allied POW's, Unit 231-human lethal experimenting, the thousands killed by kamikaze planes, Baton Death March, the Rape of Nanjing (Nanking)- in which between 250,000-300,000 innocent people were raped and murdered, and many more. The Japanese planned out their murdering and did it for fun, we did it to protect American lives. Obviously death is wrong, but more death would've come if the war had continued because Russia was about to invade and take over Japan with America, causing even more deaths than the mere 250,000 in the bombings. How were we going to stop the war if we hadn't dropped the bombs?
sanman715 says2014-03-24T01:38:21.130
Just because you think its wrong does not mean other people are horrible because they disagree. You are the kind of people that make these debates miserable to read and try to be a part of.
maddmaxx says2020-08-06T15:07:53.470
You're a retard
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