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There is no way that the U.S. was justified.

  America was not justified in dropping the bomb. First off they had no idea how strong this bomb was or how much damage it would cause, they just decided to drop the bomb on a city filled with innocent children and people. I mean yes there had to be an end to the war but I feel like there was a better way of doing that. They could have figured out something other than blowing up Japan. There is no way that some one can honestly think that it is okay to kill thousands of innocent women, children,... People. They were all people. And the U.S. ended their lives just because they could. Innocent people didn't need to die to end the war. It just wasn't right and it wasn't necessary.
Anonymous says2013-03-19T00:37:40.443
oh how wrong u are. it was necessary. it was a choice Truman had to make which has affected both futures of japan and america. no americans were killed. as US citizens, our loyalty it to our country not the Japanese. we warned them what was to come and they didnt take it seriously. now they r living proof of how serious we americans can be
Anonymous says2013-03-20T14:48:25.810
We did not warn them sufficiently. We made a scarce remark that I am sure plenty of other countries make during times of war as well. Also, you are arguing that American lives are more valuable than Japanese lives, that they are somehow inferior? The aftermath of all the radiation killed way more than war would have, Japanese was on the defense and they were weakened.
Anonymous says2013-03-28T12:27:10.223
It was necessary- in fact the same principle should be used today to show the world just how strong we really are; in short we should nuke the areas where our boys are dying. But wait. Americans are too weak to do the right thing and save American lives-- I guess the military and government were braver in the 40's than today. In fact today's leaders-obama and the dope biden- do not have America's best interest at heart and are WEAK.
Anonymous says2013-04-05T17:42:47.690
The soldiers who were taken from their lives at the age of 18 and 19 were not innocent people? They died and alot more of them would have died had their been a full scale attack on Japan. Innocent people die either way chief.
Anonymous says2013-05-15T03:20:57.277
You didnt know them why should you care about them?
MrXplicit says2013-05-17T04:57:26.383
Since the end of the Second World War the usage of the atomic bombs on the two Japanese cities Hiroshima (August 6) and Nagasaki (August 9) in 1945 remains the most controversial event in warfare history. A myriad of people agreed that the use of the atomic weapons in an inhumane was not necessary to achieve the victory. The Commander in Chief of the United States (US) was Harry S. Truman. He was the specific individual responsible for ordering the use of the atomic bombs. Harry S. Truman was justified in ordering the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II because the lives of US soldiers were saved, the Japanese surrendered in a timely manner and Russia would be more manageable in Europe.

The Japanese had no intention of surrendering before 1945 with an estimated 5 million soldiers (must be cited) even though they were in rough shape due to the fact that their industrialized economy was running out of oil. Oddly enough by spring of 1945 the Japanese wanted to surrender because they could no longer sustain a full out war when they lost their source of oil. Near the end of July, the United States proposed the Potsdam Declaration. This declaration consisted of a non-conditional surrender by Japan. This manuscript entails the surrender of the Japanese forces and the permanent destruction of Japan's power so they will be incapable to strike an aggressive blow at the Pacific. The consequences if the declaration were to not be signed were Britain, Russia and The United States would ally and completely obliterate Japan. The Japanese noticed that by signing the surrender document the Japanese would lose their figure-head, known as the emperor. In 1945 the emperor, Hirohito, was praised and highly looked up to. For the Japanese, to lose their emperor was to end all life itself. Unfortunately for Japan, the document was rejected. Once the surrender declaration had been rejected the United States set forward the quickest and most effective way to make the Japanese surrender. It turned out that their plan was to use the atomic bomb. The intentions of the United States was to only use one atomic bomb, but unfortunately Japan did not surrender after the first bomb so they had to drop a second one.

During early summer of 1945 the strategic plan of the United States to make the Japanese surrender was initially to launch an all-out air, land and sea attack on the Japanese homeland. This plan had been created without the reliance of the atomic bomb. The US predicted that the siege of Japan, if followed through, will last over a yearlong of constant violence back and forth between sides. The US had geared up over 5 million troops for the assault. The States would expect well over a million casualties of their own and considering their past engagements with the Japanese they were able state that the enemy casualties would be much greater. To the US it was clear that even before the assault of Japan they would be able to inflict ruthless damage on their homeland. At that point with their plan in mind they were still uncertain whether or not the Japanese would surrender. With the consideration of all this in mind the US realised that because of the predicted mammoth amount of casualties and the uncertainty of the Japanese inducing a surrender, they would no longer think about the idea of gambling with the lives of the American military troops that would be potentially involved. The use of the atomic bomb directly came after this great realisation.
Anonymous says2013-05-21T16:06:20.003
We knew that it could wipe out japan .
Anonymous says2013-05-23T08:20:38.707
Japan attacked the United States FIRST!
Anonymous says2013-05-27T00:29:06.537
To the previous commenter, you have a very mature view of things -_-
Anonymous says2013-05-28T15:02:54.137
The US had test the bomb in the tower in new mexico and had a small idea of its abilities, the bomb blinded a soldier at 5miles away, its cloud was bright like the sun, it had a wind blast after explosion about 3miles length and covered a huge amount of damage area.
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-31T13:59:45.620
Actually the U.S. Knew very well how much damage the bomb would do, that is why they tested it in Alamogordo bombing range (in new mexico) and they saw the devastation it could potentially do, so they dropped them on japan, the damage was very well calculated. Mass destruction is what they were looking for.
Anonymous says2013-06-03T12:56:13.083
If they really had to blow up something, try the japanese president/emperor's house
Anonymous says2013-06-19T15:23:35.003
Yes they did kill Innocent people but Japan, tortured American civilians in prisoner of war camps, they made an attack first and were teaching children and women to fight and fend for themselves therefore Americans had the right to drop it.
Anonymous says2013-06-20T22:00:07.043
Remember the Bataan death march. Let that be you're answer.
Anonymous says2013-07-09T14:23:12.240
Yeah they didnt know how much damage it would cost th bomb, but they did after they dropped the first one considering that they did know, therefore they dropped another one.
lewis20 says2013-07-14T01:48:28.860
Remember the Bataan death march? That's your defense? By that logic the trail of tears would justify nuking a US city.
GranChi says2013-07-14T17:19:23.660
Thank you! That's what I always try to say. People really seem to miss that horrible truth about what the act really did.
Anonymous says2013-07-20T04:04:28.220
But arent we at total war? Were we will do anything to win? Recall 'the Blitz' and the Japanese 'invasion of Nanking.' Didn't they all killed civilians? Men, Women, and children all died and women were raped during the Nanking invasion. Americans dropped the bomb to win. Germans bombed Britain to win.
geoxyx says2014-01-22T03:55:14.413
So I guess the bombing Pearl harbor never happened, because their is now way you can be arguing that it was unjust while the japanese bombed us several times and turned a blind eye while the holocaust was happening.
treghost says2014-01-23T05:59:42.537
Have you ever heard of The Rape of Nanking? You might even join the yes side if you did... Do a little research on it, and then come back to me.
Ennis says2014-02-02T03:51:36.460
Wrong, of course they knew how destructive the bomb could be. Do you think they were so innocent and dumb? Not even medication or food is tested at so large scale with civilian population.
bigdave says2014-02-07T21:19:26.240
Read The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes and see if FACTS change YOUR OPINION.
philly40 says2014-03-05T04:21:54.330
As i was reading the replies i noticed many of the comments against the bomb were based on the fact of the civilian death toll in the bombing but if you research a Japanese policy called "Basic Policy for the Future Conduct of War" which stated that every citizen of Japan would be come a solider, man, woman, or child, would fight till the death. Now, while some of you may say that no sane person would follow it, you must take in the Japanese pride, which was one of the main ideals of culture. Also considering the comments of "no warning to japan" the US dropped leaflets out of bomber warning the Japanese of what was going to come, but the Japanese government collected or spread propaganda about how they were false.
DebaterMaster18088 says2014-03-27T23:58:42.887
Just to let you know, they had tested the atomic bomb in the desert before use
LogicandFacts says2015-10-04T13:07:39.903
My grandpa witness the testing of the "A" bomb in Nevada! If you understood the mind set of the Japanese people at the time then you would of voted yes. They would not stop fighting, no matter what!
DuhSepteconxD says2016-03-08T17:56:11.323
Sooo.... "they had no idea how strong the bomb was" is crap. They tested numerous models in numerous areas (Nevada, New Mexico, etc) so they would know how strong it was. America's decision to drop the bomb wasn't just a "Hey! Let's drop the bomb right now!'. No, the decision took a while and was carefully thought out. Despite many opinions, not everyone supported the dropping and many criticized Truman for pulling the trigger on it. In addition, the U.S. sent out a warning to civilians before the bombing, allowing them to escape if they chose, granted many people may not have believed it, but the warning was there for the taking. Nagasaki and Hiroshima both were military industrial based places. The bombing wasn't aimed to take out innocent lives "just because they could".
And just an FYI:
I doubt you realize, but in the Philippines, Japanese soldiers tortured American soldiers after raiding the bases there. Thousands of American soldiers participated in the Bataan Death March, something many are not informed about. Pearl Harbor is another example of the poor treatment that the Japanese had ensued on America-we were even at peace then and no warning came.
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