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Japan is crazy.

  They would've fought until the last person in Japan died because that's their mentality. This would have made the war last longer, resulting in many more casualties for the allies. It ultimately saved more people. It is not war mentality to think of preserving the lives of innocent people when the safety of the world is at stake.
Anonymous says2013-03-21T19:40:04.923
are u kidding?? japan is not crazy at all! i am japanese and i have swag! the japanese was ready to fight because they didnt want to lose everything and surrender completely! so they trained more people for war and got prepared! they didnt cheat! america however did. atomic bombs. really?! u guys that clicked yes just dont understand how CRAZY atomic bombs are! the FRICKEN PEEL YOU SKIN OFF AND THROW WINDS AT OVER 400 MPH!!! if u think that that is fair warfare u are sick
Anonymous says2013-03-27T22:35:16.047
"i am japanese and i have swag" is not a very persuasive argument. I do not think the bombs should've been dropped either but your argument is all over the place.
es3137 says2013-04-03T11:14:45.730
Thank you for your very kind comment sir... So opinionated jeez... "Japan is crazy!?" excuse you
Anonymous says2013-05-01T07:38:07.487
Your're the crazy one... Crazy for not caring for those who died from the atom bomb. IF America is as great, then why don't they invade japan. They did send thousands of men to the pacific islands to fight.
They used japan as a testing site to scare the Russians.
Anonymous says2013-05-01T16:03:54.413
It was Japan's fault not u.S
EmilyShaeRoach says2014-03-18T14:18:30.883
This is true. I mean they're not crazy. But Japan saw it very unhonorable to surrender, they would rather commit suicide than surrender. It was disgraceful to their family, ruler, and country to give up. They didn't surrender after we warned them about what was going to happen, they didn't surrender after we dropped the first bomb, they were't going to surrender before all of it either.
WW2 says2015-04-16T04:33:03.757
EmilyShaeRoach Japan's government didn't want to surrender but the Emperor himself wanted to.
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