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It was payback time for Japan.

  The U.S. was definitely justified in dropping the atomic bomb, because Japan killed a lot of people in the attack on Pearl Harbor. I think that was totally uncalled for for them to bomb us. They learned their lesson in fighting us and they learned for future reference not to attack us or fight with us again.
Anonymous says2013-04-14T20:10:29.077
What payback? It is the government's decision on attacing pearl harbor, the citizens have nothing to do with it and yet they are the ones that get radiation and diseases from the dropping of atomic bomb. Learned what lesson? The government leaders learned none. It is only the innocent citizens that suffered.
Anonymous says2013-04-16T05:04:48.820
I do not think so because it took a lot of innocent lives and even if USA wants to attack Japan, they should at least tested the bomb on some else before making use of it. The USA could also attack Japan's military camp too to make it equal.
Anonymous says2013-05-01T07:31:57.283
How about thinking about all the Japanese civilians that got nukes compared to that pearl harbor is nothing...
Anonymous says2013-05-11T22:39:38.623
A total of 68 civilians died, maximum, at Pearl Harbor, due to unexploded munitions going off at a later time, or from close proximity to a military target. The United States had been taking aggressive and restricted politics against Japan forcing them to cease their aggression against China, or resort to other measures. The strategic attack in Hawaii cannot be used as justification for retaliation.
Anonymous says2013-07-11T09:04:21.217
All they did attack a base which was an ultimate threat to everyone. They attacked 1base, and yet you blow up an entire county. The survivors of that bomb would of either died from radiation poisoning or given a disease like cancer from it.
look at these people, look at what your bomb did to them. And you believe this was justified. About 2000 people died in Pearl Harbour. And about 140 000 people died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. About 50 times worse then twin towers, barely any civilians died in Pearl Harbour. Think about it for a moment, soldiers who would of likely died anyway, to about 130 000 civilians who could of died from old age, just think......
Anonymous says2013-07-16T10:09:59.987
So 2000 American deaths is equal to or greater than 140,000 Japanese deaths? Payback? *scoffs*
lewis20 says2013-08-02T20:17:54.670
Pearl harbor was targeted at a military base, which is a valid military target. The bombs were dropped on major civilian population centers. That's the difference.
Ennis says2014-02-02T03:53:25.347
Bombing us? WTF? Pearl Harbor is not even territorial US. Is a colonized land.
AnnaMaria says2014-03-08T02:25:22.797
I disagree strongly. Yes, we did lose 2k Americans, but keep in mind, Pearl Harbor is a military base. We, however, attacked innocent civilians. We killed over 200k people in the last half a century or so because of the bomb. Not to mention that to this day, children are being formed with deformities because of it. And payback? Quite the opposite, really. All we did was anger the Japanese further. They saw this as an offense. Pearl Harbor was nothing, we definitely started it.
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