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the us show an act of weakness

  The us was scared if they didnt used the bomb they wold have lose, they were showing a act of cowardness and plus in the Bible it says thou shall not kill and what did the Us did kill over thousands of innocent people that was even in the war. well i hope the people that drop the bomb got saved because if they didnt there in hell now. but i doubt they repented.
Anonymous says2013-03-04T02:45:38.300
The entire war was about killing. Why would them killing with the bomb be so much worse than the rest of the killing in the war that it requires you to bring up the bible with it? If we followed that verse in the bible then none of the killing in the war would be justified, but it was because they were fighting for our country.
Anonymous says2013-03-22T01:57:31.170
It was not a sign of weakness. If anything, dropping the bombs were to show how strong the United States was during the time period. The U.S. was also not going to lose the war with the amount of allies on their side. If anything, the U.S. decreased the amount of deaths between Japan and the rest of the world by those bombs. Many more would most likely would have died in a conventional frontal assault.
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-31T13:57:06.543
Yawn....Grammar sucks, bible has nothing to do with this, they killed americans first at pearl harbor (which is a sin to the bible like you said) they killed themselves (which is a sin in the bible). "Good christians were killed" so why would you want to support the WWII japanese soldiers who didn't even care to know god?
Anonymous says2013-07-24T18:21:03.693
The atomic bomb was not only a way to end the war, but also a card against the Russians. It was to show them that we were a powerful force not to be trifled with. And no America would not have lost the war under any circumstances the Japaneses were out of materials to and man power to make new Battleships, Aircraft carriers, etc... And were left to defending. There were two choices, full on invasion which would completely destroy the Japaneses culture and result in millions of deaths on the British, Russian, American, and Japaneses side, or drop the atomic bomb.
Bob407_5 says2014-05-21T22:18:47.340
It was not cowardice. It was trying to save lives.
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