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Soldiers killing soldiers is war, killing thousands of innocent civilians is murder.

  I don't believe the USA had the right to do such a thing, they should not be able to hold the right to kill hundred of thousands of people. How many innocent civilians died at Pearl Harbor? I bet none. They were all war related one way or the other, going to war is one thing killing like that is another, I am an American and I'm horrified by how stupid all these people who are for America are.
Anonymous says2013-04-05T23:14:59.463
The Japanese government was forcing the civillians to fight to the point of death against any and all invaders, so wouldn't that make them soldiers? And are soldiers not people? Also, about 70 civillians were killed at Pearl Harbor, along with thousands of exposed soldiers who were practically sitting ducks. There will always be civillian deaths, and that is just part of life and war. Nothing can be done to guarantee safety of every last citizen.
Anonymous says2013-04-06T02:04:07.123
You my not friend are stupid, 1)I agree with anonymous's comment, about 70 were killed 2)Civies or not people died that day, sucks cause America is messed up sometimes but we warned them
Anonymous says2013-04-18T03:38:45.523
There is a difference, Mr. Anonymous (2 posts above me) between killing professionally trained soldiers and hastily trained women and children who stood no chance in the first place.
Jamazing says2013-12-10T07:19:13.083
Has no one taken into account the some 300,000 Chinese the Japanese slaughtered in the name of racial supremacy a few years before?! They were a wicked people the war needed to be brought to an end before more bloodshed could occur
Bob407_5 says2014-05-21T22:27:19.083
The second Japanese Army was in Hiroshima. Thats why they blew it up.
hellodebaters says2014-05-29T16:22:47.353
This is a really good point I'll use this in my GCSE
Matt.Herobrn says2014-06-05T12:36:54.390
Our American soldiers are innocent men!! Learn that
Shadowheart26 says2014-07-29T16:44:50.967
There were actually a few innocent deaths in Pearl Harbor, but the Japanese attacked that base so it would be easier to win the war. Just because there were mostly soldiers there doesn't make it acceptable. Japan had its own atomic bomb team and if we didn't use it first, they most certainly would. It was the same with Germany. If we didn't put them down, they would act as mercilessly to our citizens as they would our soldiers. They were warned of the bombing and told to surrender, but they refused both times. A warning we didn't get the luxury of having with Pearl Harbor.
Annon20717 says2017-03-25T01:20:54.070
You morons who think there was any justification to the bombings at all are mere deluded war mongered delinquents. FACT 1. Don't read shit about war from people who worked on the winning side who have worked for the government or military. FACT 2. There were soldiers in Hiroshima, but there was no army based there at that point as they had just been stood down from attack bases after their leaders told them they were about to surrender. FACT 3. The UnjustifiedStates of Assholes do make the world laugh. It's ironic that you try to claim you play by the rules of war, yet you were the ones to break the rules of war that hundreds of nations world wide would never have done? Shooting generals ring a bell. FACT 5. The US threatened japan and japan responded, don't talk shit about "we did nothing to provoke them". Japan attacked pearl harbour to protect themselves from a assembling attack which was due to come. American generals purposely leaked information to japan to the whereabouts of their initial attack was coming from. Of course, this was all a ploy to get Japan (their closest contention) to attack them in which they had already created 16 prepared atomic bombs in wait. FACT 6. If the US didn't get so greedy, no nation would have attacked them, they didn't even need to join in on WW2 as the war was already won, and the only thing left was the rounding up of any remaining soldiers.

Here's a true fact, the US have always been a cowardly nation. When they fought the English for instance, they waited until they were at war with France or Spain, and then decided to attack remaining British soldiers who remained behind from the ones called back to their homeland for war. As far as it goes, the english thought very little of the US and decided to let the place go. There were armies ready on both sides of the US to attack and would have easily conquered, although the British decided to not fight 4 wars at one time, and risk the chance of losing their home nation to save somewhere so petty in value.

2. The US only joined in on WW2 when they had been told by the British that the war was almost over and that they needed some supplies to keep pushing the front line, which the US agreed to give upon one condition... The UK give all remaining war posts and strongholds to the US in return for supplies. They also came to agree upon both parties share the power they receive as neutral allies.

When the US sent over supplies, the war was already on the last footing, and the US sent troops to "win the war" which was already won. This intact was a ploy to try and out power the Russians while they were just finishing from a War they had mainly won, meaning they seemed to be a weaker target. This though was a very poor judgment, as the Russians could have easily beaten the US too, but decided to stop. Which later turned in to the Cold War (power war of nukes, which the Russians won).

So short history lesson for you, the US are cowards. They are also brainwashed in their education in to believing they are or have been the most powerful country and that they're always right blah blah blah.

To gain knowledge, you must understand knowledge. To implement it, you must understand the full extent to what you have learned.

For laymen terms, If you were bombed by 2 nukes for attacking an army which was readying to attack you, would you think that was right or wrong?

Read the RULES OF WAR. Civilian casualties MUST be avoided at all costs.
83Lets_debate83 says2018-04-11T20:18:26.357
Fact 6 The war was already won please elaborate on that how was the war won first of all in japan where they were growing stronger and stronger secondly how was the war won in eruope when the 3 reich was already pushing through the soviet union and cutting through them like a warm knife through butter.
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