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  Source : Richardrhodes.Com "RICHARD RHODES is the author or editor of twenty-four books including The Making of the Atomic Bomb, which won a Pulitzer Prize in Nonfiction, a National Book Award and a National Book Critics Circle Award" In this book Mr. Rhodes documents interviews taken after the war. One of the interviews was with Japan's leading physicist who also headed up Japan's atomic bomb research program ( yes, Japan was working on the atomic bomb as were several other countries in the 1930's). He was called to Hiroshima to advise Japan on what to do. Seeing that the USA had used a uranium based bomb, this physicist advised his government to CONTINUE THE WAR, as it would take months to prep another uranium bomb. After Nagasaki, however, he found evidence of a plutonium based bomb and advised his government to SURRENDER or face total destruction. So you see, even the first bomb was not enough to end the war. And the rest, as they say, is history.
jtinmoscow says2013-10-09T02:42:06.183
That's like saying north korea right now has nuclear weapons so we should all nuke them right now.
bigdave says2013-10-19T01:24:41.847
I have read and re read your comment and I still do not catch your meaning.
jtinmoscow says2013-10-20T05:37:12.613
What you're saying is that if a country has a nuclear weapon and is an enemy of the US then nuking that country is justified. Well then why don't y'all just nuke iran, north korea or other enemies who possess nuclear weapon. I mean with that logic you ain't got nothing to say when iran suddenly decides to nuke america. That's completely justified. And plus that book is only one side of the story. Saying that japan "could have" continued effectively combating the allies is stupid. That's like north korea right now can beat the US in a war. Japan was about to get their asses kicked by russia (who was about to start invading japanese mainland but got stopped becos of truman deciding to nuke em) and america before getting nuked.
bigdave says2013-10-20T06:09:20.573
I have read and re read your comment and I still do not catch your meaning. Japan did not have a nuclear weapon. They had a research program, but their chance of making a bomb was nil. Neither I nor Mr. Rhodes said they could have "continued effectively combating the allies". They were holding out for a negotiated armistice, and had decided that losing one city was not worth surrender. Where you bring North Korea into this topic is quite baffling.
jtinmoscow says2013-10-22T12:29:47.787
Okay then you have no justification (not even wrong ones) for US dropping bombs on japan
bigdave says2013-10-22T14:41:39.123
Jtinmoscow: read the book!
Bmac1234 says2014-07-19T10:45:06.257
The Japanese government was not the ruling body, The emperor was and he was in peace talks with the states. It doesn't matter what some nuclear physicist said, Japan was going to surrender, not under their government but under the emperor. Every argument that says that the US was justified says that the Japanese people would die for the emperor and live by his word. His word was the end of WW2 and the US knew it.
bigdave says2014-07-20T05:31:41.707
Bmac1234: Read the book "The making of the Atomic Bomb" by Richard Rhodes.
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