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We had no other choice.

   It was either drop the bombs, kill a few thousand people or not drop the bomb, the war lingers on and more people die than the bombs killed. WW2 had to stop and this made it happen. Neither country could afford any more warring on the other, this was a costly expense. True we killed innocent people, but if we didn't more would have died at the hands of the Japanese and of the Americans. The bombs not only made sense, they saved lives. Despite taking some.
Anonymous says2013-05-20T19:49:09.767
We did have other choices, but the Atomic bomb was probably the best choice.
Anonymous says2013-05-27T23:31:17.847
If you were to drop an atomic weapon in a well populated are you would not just kill '' A few thousand" they actually killed 225000 INNOCENT people, get your facts right idiot.
Anonymous says2013-05-28T15:49:10.297
Yea duh
Anonymous says2013-05-31T02:04:02.407
2,000,000 people died from the radiation that the bomb caused
Anonymous says2013-06-03T12:47:11.703
What do u mean "despite taking some"? Millions of innocent men, women, and children were killed. The quarrel is not between the japanese people and america, but between the japanese army and government against america
Anonymous says2013-06-04T17:00:04.927
200,000 people from each bomb died by 1950!
Anonymous says2013-06-20T22:01:33.017
Oh, and the Japanese can murder innocent American troops in the Bataan death march.
WW2 says2015-04-15T02:59:11.357
A few thousand, more than 200,000 innocent people died, and America wasn't going to invade, it was the Soviets. Japan would have been forced to surrender. I have been reading a lot of the people's arguments saying that a lot of Americans were going to die even though it was going to be the soviets that were going to invade. Russia had just declared war on Japan On August 08,1945. We could have made Japan surrender without killing more than just "a few thousand" innocent people.
WW2 says2015-04-16T04:29:03.090
The Americans had been planning to invade, if both America and the soviet union invaded, Japan was surely going to surrender. Japan's emperor Hirohito was already thinking of surrender.
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