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They killed innocent people.

  Not only was the warning to Japan only 5 days before the bombs were dropped, there were still innocent people in Japan. USA killed over 140,000 innocent people in Japan along with 2,000,000 people killed by radiation, not even considering the people who now are deformed and linked to cancer. That's way more than the bombs at the twin towers that killed around 3,000 people. No matter if Japan was supporting Germany, there were still INNOCENT PEOPLE that were killed. And I still know that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, which had no innocent people (because they were all troops). Those people are DEAD for no reason.
Anonymous says2013-04-05T23:27:25.037
You completely made the number of deaths from radiation up. There wasn't ANYWHERE NEAR 2 million deaths.. More people were killed in the blast than the following effects. According to Wikipedia, there was between 150K to 246K deaths total. So nice try, but please take those ridiculous statistics elsewhere.
Anonymous says2013-05-11T15:02:30.973
Japan hadn't declared war on America at the time when the pearl harbor attack took place so at that time those troops weren't at war therefore making them innocent.
Also get you facts and statistics right, you must be deluded to think 2,000,000 people died from just radiation alone, i would expect better stats from my fish.
Anonymous says2013-05-23T23:39:15.887
There was about 200,000 total. Wherever you got 2 million stumps me. Pearl harbor had Civilian casualties as well. It was more than justified! Whether Russia or the us invaded, more civilian casualties would have occurred anyways
Anonymous says2013-05-28T12:55:49.437
Wait a minute, did you really say that no innocent people were killed at Pearl Harbor because they were military troops? Are you kidding?!
Anonymous says2013-05-31T02:42:25.950

Um, actually, there were surprisingly few deaths attributed to radiation in the aftermath. If you care to check your "facts", rather than scare mongering movies, you'd find that while there were deaths from the radiation, it was wildly less than the anticipated number.

ALL the hype and hysteria surrounding nuclear power in general, and atomic bombs, and radiation poisoning in Japan in particular, is wildly overblown, given the statistical evidence.

Did is suck to be them, yes. Did they ask for it, yes. Are you an idiot, yes. If you have a computer to write on this site, you can certainly take 2 minutes to search Google to see if 2 MILLION people died from radiation, BEFORE you post such nonsense. Get real.
Anonymous says2013-06-18T20:33:01.617
Their crime wasnt only attacking america and supporting Germany,they also caused massive destruction in Asia when thy invaded china and korea. They raped women to death and massacred millions of civilians, including using babies as bayonet target practice. And get your facts straight there was nowhere near 2 million deaths from radiation
treghost says2014-01-23T06:04:11.847
RAPE OF NANKING. I suggest you research it...
SweetTea says2014-01-29T16:28:34.817
Whether you want to believe it or not, innocent people being killed (collateral damage) is a fact of war and has happened in every war throughout history. Every nation that has ever engaged in warfare has been guilty of also killing innocent people. There is nothing neat or pretty about war.
drewbreaksthru23 says2014-04-17T19:10:15.833
There were still innocent people in Japan because they refused to leave! That was their mentality. They had the choice to leave, but did not and the U.S. planned on hitting those two cities because they were the two major military headquarters in Japan. Please do some research before hand then argue your statement. Your evidence is false.
Country Military Deaths Civilian Deaths Total
USSR 8.8 - 10.7 million 14.6 - 12.7 million 23.4 million
China 3-4 million 7 - 16 million 10-20 million
Germany 5,530,000 1.1 – 3.1 million 6.6 – 8.6 million
Poland 240,000 5.4 - 5.6 million 5.6 – 5.8 million
JAPAN 2.1 million 500,000 – 1 MILLION 2.6 – 3.1 million
Italy 301,400 153,200 454,600
United States 416,800 1,700 418,500
United Kingdom 383,800 67,100 450,900
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