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The Japanese need to experience the horrors they've done to others.

  The Japanese in Korea brutally killed and tortured many Koreans. They made young Koreans into prostitutes and frequently raped women. In China, they killed and chopped off the heads of many Chinese men with no apparent reason. The Japanese massacred and raped many in the Rape of Nanjing. In short, the Japanese need to be taught a lesson on how to be humane to other races.
Anonymous says2013-04-09T20:55:41.623
BBC commentator Jim Holt would later put it a bit more bluntly:

"It is always wrong to boil a baby even if lives are saved thereby."
Anonymous says2013-04-18T21:21:52.587
But who is america to cast judgment. There is a long war history between Japan and China where China did horrible things.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T00:46:20.187
So if Japan should have a Atom bomb dropped on them for killing innocent then America should too should they not? 2 wrongs does not make a right.....
Anonymous says2013-05-27T14:57:46.490
Well, that was what the Japanese soldiers did...
Not the innocent citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Anonymous says2013-05-27T23:56:00.953
I agree, but you said that the Japanese should pay, which is true but bombing a island with very few soldiers is not the best choice. But also the koreas and the chinese both did horrible things to each other and to japan so it wasn't just the Japanese.
meowmeow17 says2014-12-21T23:50:05.763
China was the one who did horrible things? Are you implying that the Japanese were the victims? You must do some research about Japanese brutality and war crimes before making that statement.
Tristrum says2015-02-21T01:51:05.620
Oh and the U.S. has never committed any war crimes like raping and slaughtering innocent *cough Vietnam cough* there a beacon of hope and justice
dimma.derm says2016-04-28T16:46:36.443
Tristrum, Vietnam happened after World War II. So, do some research before making points you can't back up.
IesousKatranis says2017-04-27T12:12:51.687
Umm... Does this really have to do with the real reason they were bombed?
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