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Was Osama in Laden justified in orchestrating 9/11?

  No one in their right mind would support the killing of innocent civilians on 9/11 on the basis of the argument that Osama Bin Laden and his cohort wanted to end the war between radical Islam and the U.S. So why is it acceptable for the U.S. to have incinerated tens of thousands of civilian men, women, children and babies to end the War, when there was a military alternative? The U.S. could have continued the war against the Japanese armed forces instead of targeting Japanese civilians. If the Japanese civilians who were killed are not deemed to have been innocent (although it is hard to see children and babies as anything but innocent) because they may have supported the Imperialist Japanese Government, then neither were those who died in the World Trade Centre or any Americans, because they support the U.S. Government!
Anonymous says2013-03-09T23:08:11.313
9/11 has no comparison to the dropping of the Atomic Bomb plus all those "innocent" civilians were taking up arms making them a target including Buddhist Monks who are consider to be the most peacefully and enlightened people to live on this planet. Also if you look at the statistic of the amount of deaths the invasion would taken on both sides including civilian and not counting the radical resistance groups that would emerged if the invasion occurred, the atomic bomb was the best choice at ending the war but morally it was wrong and we should feel bad for dropping it. Also as civilians in any country at war you security can never be completely secure compared to when that country is at peace.
Anonymous says2013-03-10T19:48:07.507
There was nothing as big to trigger 9/11. There was a war yes, but nothing like Pearl Harbor. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and dragged us into the war. And the atomic bomb did save thousands if not millions of lives in the long-run.
Anonymous says2013-04-01T23:00:40.187
Before you start to make arguments that aren't true do some research first. One the Japanese established a national policy that stated that the Japanese people would not surrender and that every man women and child would sacrifice themselves if they needed to. That is 70 million people willing to lay down their lives to save their country and their emperor. So if you look at the number of casualties that would have been caused if Americans had invaded they far outweigh the number of lives lost in the dropping of the bombs. Second the bombing of 9/11 was an act of hatred. It was nothing more than a terrorist act. So you can't compare it to the bombing of Japan because it has no similarity unless you think America is a terrorist nation. And lastly you have too look past just ending the war. The atomic bomb wasn't originally meant for japan. They started building one because America thought Hitler had one and imagine Hitler with an atomic bomb... Bad i know. But when that war ended and we realized he wasn't even close to making one we started thinking instead about using it for something else like Japan. Another reason we used it was because Russia had talked about spreading Communism throughout Europe and America, being a democratic nation, did not want that. So we used it because we wanted to show Russia what power we possessed and were willing to use to stop them from spreading communist. So looking at all the deaths that would have happened if in fact we did have another war with Russia the benefits far outweigh the downsides.
Anonymous says2013-04-04T18:47:06.487
What the hell does (/11 have to do with the hiroshima and nagasaki bombing? (god bless the 9/11 people who died though)
Anonymous says2013-04-18T20:36:44.123
In the long run, generation after generation of Atomic Bomb survivors suffered from radiation. If that is what your idea of the long run is... I don't know what to say to that. Also if you see that Pearl Harbor dragging us into WWII, didn't 9/11 drag us into the war in the middle east? Thank you for taking the time to read this and good bye.
Anonymous says2013-04-19T18:46:47.963
The reason why the bombing was justifed and 9/11 was not was not was because the dropping of the Atomic Bomb was estimated to save more lives on both sides, it helped end the war faster, and Japan was given an opportunity to surreneder and avoid the bombings. The only reason the innocent killing of civilains is justified is when it is nessary to help the war end faster. 9/11 only created a war, there fore not justifed.
Anonymous says2013-04-24T04:45:26.513
Politicians man... Calm down its just a topic no need for little girl fights.
Mbeavitt says2013-12-04T06:41:16.753
To the first person who commented, how on earth can you justify saying that the government - or in this case, emperor - speaks for the entirety of the people? Of course, there will have been people willing to die for their country, but not everyone is that much of a patriot. What about the month old children who were in Hiroshima/Nagasaki? Was killing them really the right thing to do? The Americans bombed two cities of predominantly civilian populations. Why didn't they just bomb the Japanese parliament building?
shiraz says2014-03-26T07:20:24.173
First commenter... It does not matter how many lives it could have saved... Sure bombing the Japanese would end the war wirhout American casualties, but you cant do that, it is just wrong... As to the nessage of surrendor, the americans sent the japanese a warning that they would drop an atomic bomb should they not surrendor, there was no specific time given, and no one (including the Americans) knew the extent of what the bomb would do. You cannot surrendor an ongoing war over that... If the Americans wanted Japan, they would have to invade, Simple as that. They cheated, and now no one trusts them.
JakeKita says2014-05-23T02:09:02.877
Um it is pretty much useless to compare the atomic bomb to 9/11. We are at war! It has been going on, and on, and on. Please, let's end it now. Let's send our men home. Think for a second who you are dealing with. "Death before dishonor." This has been the motto of Japan for centuries! All the way back to samurai times. Plus can you imagine how pissed off the American (+all the Allied troops) would be if they are STILL FIGHTING. I am not sure about you, but I would not want to keep going through a war. Watch "The Pacific" or "Band of Brothers" or you know what, any war movie/series you can think of. The sad part about all of that, is its pretty realistic. What is worse, not everything was shown...War is war. 9/11 was an unannounced attack for a reason of pure violence. The dropping of the bomb had reason. End the war.
dimma.derm says2016-04-28T16:39:40.887
Firstly, 9/11 was an attack of terrorism, meant to gain attention and strike fear. The Atomic Bombs were a strategic attack upon cities to hasten victory in a war that would last for months, cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and rip apart europe. The Minister of War in JAPANopenly states that the Atomic Attacks were no more menacing than the fire bombings Japan had been dealing with all summer.
braydennoh says2017-11-30T11:33:59.157
Japan was already killing thousands of innocent civilians everyday single day in Korea and China. For this reason, you cannot compare 9/11 to dropping of the atomic bomb. American soldier in the middle east did not kill innocent civilians.
spaghettis425 says2018-02-13T16:03:40.563
Who's osama in laden i thought it was osama ben laden
maddmaxx says2020-08-06T15:05:58.033
9/11 was an act of war dumbass
maddmaxx says2020-08-06T15:06:03.897
9/11 was an act of war dumbass
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