Was the U.S. most responsible for causing the Cold War?

Asked by: hallc
  • Yes. And here is proof.

    The United States' missteps began in WWII. As Allies, the United States gave the Soviet Union 20,000 trucks, 5 million tons of food, thousands of locomotives designed specifically for the different rail gauges, and many other resources. Here, the US handed the Soviets resources and power that they were able to use as a stepping stone.

    More faults came at the Yalta Conference. President Roosevelt was a little too optimistic of the Soviet's intentions and granted them access to Polish lands and a dominance of eastern Europe policy. This gave the Soviets more power and control that led to even more growth.

    Capitalism is also naturally aggressive with businesses doing everything possible to dominate markets and obliterate competition. This thinking of powerful businessmen trickled into the White House and gave the United States motivation to dominate the Soviets in the Cold War.

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  • No. Unless you have proof otherwise

    And no one care about the last cold war because nothing happen. No war between us.

    Now this second cold war we are in is more dangerous. Why because it wil two countries now. Both Russia and China. So this is much more dangerous for the US. We have a arm race already going on, and potential flashpoint across the globe.

  • Hi how are ya

    Your wrong because it was caused by the military expansion of Stalin and his successors and the USSR is at fault , Stalin had desire to dominate the world or Eastern Europe under communism. Berlin Blockade Comicon iron curtain america's response was defensive and the wars in Korea and Vietnam

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