• Yes, the recession could have been prevented.

    The recession in the United States could have been prevented. A lot of what happened was a result of people spending more than they had. As an example, people purchased homes that they could not really afford. Banks were to blame, as well, by giving out mortgages when people really should not have qualified. There is too much of a materialistic culture in the U.S. now. It used to be, for example, that people would use and repair products until they were completely useless. Nowadays, people want the biggest, newest thing, and really that's a desire that will lead to financial hardship.

  • Yes, if we could have controlled greed.

    Yes, I believe the US recession was preventable. I think there were many factors that came together to turn it into the perfect storm - a house of cards that collapsed on itself. Mortgage lenders set events in motion by allowing families to finance homes that were far beyond their means. The entire country was out of control as greed became the motivating factor.

  • Yes the recession was preventable.

    If the American government made better financial decisions we probably would not have had a recession. Most politicians do not truly care about the average American citizen. They care about how much money is in their pockets. Our country needs a governmental overhaul. They are guaranteed a six figure salary even when they do not do their jobs as they should.

  • No it was not

    Some may say that it was unavoidable due to the fact that the unemployment rate hit a low point and caused some sort of domino affect, if you will, that effected other parts of society. The country may have been in need of some type of stimulus which is what happened although it is hard to say for sure.

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