• There is proof that we were tricked, and thousands paid with their lives.

    The USS Lexington steamed out of Pearl even before its entire crew was scheduled to return early that morning. As remaining crew reported they saw the Lexington steaming out to sea. In peacetime, why would a carrier leave ahead of schedule, without notice, and without its full crew?

    Another neighbor that was on patrol that morning, fired on two submarines. His repeated alerts that they were under attack were ignored by command.

  • It's a bit more complicated than that

    Just as with Wilson and WWI, Roosevelt wanted to go to war while the majority of American people wanted to stay out. When Pearl Harbor was bombed he jumped at the opportunity. Rather than simply then going after Japan we entered the European theater to fight the Nazis, how does that make any sense? I am just talk from a practical point of view, we weren't fighting the Nazis until Japan attacked.

  • No absolutely not

    It was clear that japan and the axis powers wanted us in the war. However, it doesn't matter whether we were "tricked" into it or not. Our national security was invaded, thousands of american lives were taken, and our navy was significantly hurt as a result of pearl harbor. Even if it was japans strategy all along to get us in the war, we still did what we had to do, spread democratic ideals, and maintain national security. Therefore, we win.

  • No, the United States was not "tricked" into joining WW II.

    The United States (US) was not tricked into joining the Axis powers in fighting Germany in World War II (WW II). On the Pacific front, the Japanese attack on the US Naval Station at Pearl Harbor made that inevitable. On the European front, the US had already made the commitment to England with war supplies, when the Germans targeted US shipping interests the US had to defend those interests.

  • No, we were not.

    In my opinion the US were drawn into the war after seeing what is going on and being asked for help, but the US was not tricked into it. I think the US took their time to decide what would be for the best for the country and for others and went in with all odds on the table.

  • No, I do not think so.

    It is my opinion that the US was not tricked into entering themselves into WWII. The US is a fairly smart and powerful country, and we make our decisions based off as much facts as possible, and well calculated risks are measured out. I think we knew the possibility of this being a difficult time, but we were not tricked into going in.

  • I don't believe that the U.S. was tricked into WWII.

    It is my opinion that the U.S. Was drawn into the conflicts of WWII, but we entered the war already aware, even though it might have been limited knowledge, of the injustices occurring in Germany and the conflicts that were rising in Europe and Asia. We weren't "tricked" into action by the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but spurred into immediate action for the damage that was done on our own soil. We had been audience wiuth the rest of the world for several years to the rising tides that would become WWII, but we had yet to make our move until that fateful day that the Japanese struck our own forces without provocation.

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