Was the UN right to get involved in the Syrian crisis?

  • Yup, I guess they were right.

    It is a point to be pondered upon. Afterall, who else is responsible for what is happening in our world? UN has taken a noble step by trying to help the situation in Syria. I firmly believe that one day or the other the Syrian crisis would be solved and world peace would surely be restored again.

  • If genocide is none of our business then what is.

    World war two was none of the u.s. business until a third of a race is. At world war two the world said that they will never let this happen again and it's been happening ever since. If it's not our business when 100,000 human being s are dead than when does it become our business.

  • Yes, They Were

    The civil war in Syria is a humanitarian and national crisis. The Syrian regime has been slaughtering civilians unchecked for months now. The role of the United Nations is to maintain order in the rest of the world. The Syrian civil one is a conflict that needs to be resolved as soon as possible, and the UN is the right group to do that.

  • Yes, Syria was Murdering its Own Citizens

    The UN was right to get involved with the Syrian crisis, because of the dangers the Syrian government posed to its own people. When a dictator starts murdering its own citizens for speaking out at a peaceful protest, the world should be able to stand up and say that that is not right.

  • Too broad a question

    Technically yes because doing things to provide aide to those experiencing this genocide is a good thing, but the UN deserves no praise here. They've done absolutely nothing for over a year regarding this, and are designed in a way that assures that will essentially continue. Opening refugee camps etc only acknowledges the crisis will continue, it doesn't attempt to stop it.

  • Supporting the first point

    Supporting first point as they said that we should not involve with other country as it was non of our business but the organisation can still support them so that we are no need to involve with that problems.Just follow the news on the TV that is enough for us.

  • NO

    The United Nations should have kept its nose out of other people's business. It was a civil war between two sides in Syria that was none of their business, and it's a coin toss as to whether United Nations intervention will actually help. Half the time, that body's intervention just makes things worse.

    Besides, it should have kept its nose out of Syria because you know these people don't actually care about the people of Syria. If they actually did care about the people and not the business of the power houses in the world like the U.S., China, Britain, and the like, then these people would be doing something about the reports of people in North Korea resorting to cannibalism.

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