Was the US right to enter World War 1: Was it necessary for America to enter the WWI?

  • Rise of Germany and Illuminati confirmed Jan 1918

    To begin with Germany was luring America to join the war... They did many things like call Mexico to join them. Jan 19 1917. And sinking the ships. Lastly, Woodrow Wilson wanted to create a new world order. Where 1 rules all. World Domination. I am in the middle somewhere.

  • The US Involvement In WW1

    The US was right to enter World War 1 and it was necessary to stop the war and end human suffering. As a result of entering the war, less people died than would have if the war continued. Many nations in Europe benefited from US's involvement in the war and how they responded to it.

  • Bring on the Dough boys

    If it was not for America entering the war than it might have gone on for years and Germany may have won. I also feel that America had to enter to prevent Germany from continuing to sink private boats. The war also got America out of its solitary ways and back on the big world stage. It also made America one of the biggest world powers.

  • Stay Neutral (WW1)

    Financially we benefited from neutrality. The loss of around 200 Americans on luxury cruise liners in crossfire they were told may happen was the main reason for entering the war. The fact we were warned of the poisoned territory and still poked around on it falls on us for repercussions. All Americans caught in crossfire were accidental deaths, unavoidable. The war started from territorial disputes mixed with the murder of an Austrian ArchDuke by an "Ally" (Serbian Extremist) So by analysis of these events, it is clear its the same old European drama that is going on. Immigrants to America left their country's for opportunity in America, not entanglement in the affairs they wanted to leave.

    There was no suffering going on in WW1, don't wikipedia your answers please.

  • Business and Jobs

    Since we entered WW1 the government was focused on building tanks an boats but we still needed the basics for survival in america. Like food, cars,and keeping stores in business. But the government put a ton of money in building huge tank factory's. After the war those factory's would be useless and then we got in dept, people lost their jobs at factory's and people became poor.

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