Was the US right to enter World War 1: Was World War I beneficial for the US economy?

  • Yes it was right to enter

    The Germans were violating of there pledge and were sinking u.s. boats that had passengers and heard the British were telling Mexico to attack on the u.S and i can go on and on telling more reason but i will just cut is sort overall yes it was right for the u.s. to enter world war 1 .

  • The United States was right by entering war

    I believe that the United States was right by entering the WWI because they helped end the war as well as help them economically. I am aware that them entering the war provoked many deaths, but they also stopped and avoided many more deaths that would have come. He he

  • The US was right to enter World War 1

    The US was right to enter World War 1 because they helped end the war and stabilize the US economy. I agree that many people lost their lives as a result of it, but if it weren't for US intervention, many nations around the world would be in worse position and the US economy would be even less stable.

  • World War One and the American Premier on the World Stage

    World War I occurred at the end of the glory days for war. This war became so brutal and so deadly so fast that across the world soldiers begged to join into the fight. While the United States entered WWI the economy did boost production. However, after this war we saw the most devastating decline in economy that has yet to be seen in the United States. Though the war did not bring financial prosperity on its own. This was the United State's debut on the world stage. Before WWI the United States was not proven to be a world power. The strict policy was isolationism. Crossing the ocean and partaking in WWI laid the foundations for the United States to become a world power in the future. Thus entering WWI was very beneficial for the US economy. Just not in the short term.

  • Unjustified Causes For U.S.

    Most would think that the war was very good for America, but it was very unnecessary. While it did stabilize the economy, it put it in almost too good of a shape, helping to cause the great depression. Also, many people do not know this but the reason the U.S. entered the war was because of the sinking of the Lusitania. The Lusitania was a ship that was sunk by Germany, with U.S. Civilians on it. Most people would think this was a reasonable cause right? No. What followed after that was merely propaganda to make Germany look like that bad guy. Germany had already warned America not to send anymore ships into their territory and they did anyway. Many people also believe that there were weapons on the ship somewhere.

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