Was the use of the atomic bomb the best way to end World War II?

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  • Yes, not saying it in a bad way. It just seemed as the most secured action the U.S had come up with.

    The atomic bomb was only used because the Japanese's would not unconditionally surrender. The United States had already paid a great amount of money for such weapon; the atomic bomb. The U.S did not have in mind to actually use the atomic bomb, they just wanted Japan to surrender. Overall, the Japanese had done some serious things that affected the United States. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7th of 1941. Not only that but Japan was after the resources from China that the United States also wanted. It was mainly the attacked on Pearl Harbor that led to the United States actions. The atomic bomb was not only used because of the situations that were going on but also to save lives of many American soldiers.

  • Yes the atomic bomb is the best way to end the war because it's the powerful weapon we have that can defeat the Japanese.

    There should be no compromise for those who start war against the United States. Using the bomb, not on Japan but on a deserted Island, the United States will make their Allies feel safer and their vanquished.Demonstration will shock Japan into surrendering and set a standard for the new era we are entering.
    Our allies would have lost millions of troops when invading Japan to have a war. Also the atomic bomb saved the world 2 or 3 more years of war. It might cost a lot of money to use the atomic bomb to stop the deaths of 1 million we would of have lost if we didn't using the bomb. The United States was going to use the bomb on a deserted Island just to show how powerful the weapon so that their Allies was feeling safe from the enemies and made sure the enemies will be upset. The testament will the best way to put shock Japan into surrendering to us an set standard for the new era we have entering.

  • Yes, the atomic bomb was the best way to end World War 2.

    More than 7 thousand Allied prisoners of war died during what came to be known as the “Bataan Death March.” Nearly 5,000 of the attacking Americans were killed and more than 20,000 wounded in the five-week struggle. While the U.S. was fighting in the Pacific Islands trying to reach the Japanese homeland, the American casualty rate kept rising. The United States lost 12,500 soldiers on Okinawa, the highest number of deaths in the island campaign. In the first thirty-one months after Pearl Harbor, 106,000 Americans either died or were severely wounded in the Pacific War. From July 1944 to July 1945, U.S. casualties topped 185,000.

    The clock is ticking and the more we wait, the more American people will die risking their lives for our country. The Japanese will continue the war until all their people, including women and children, are fighting until death. To avoid losing more lives, it’s best to use the atomic bomb to end this war in the quickest way possible.

  • Do the potential consequences of using an atomic bomb justify its use the U.S should use the atomic to end the war.

    United State say the a the atomic bomb is the only way to protect citizens and president Truman would spend $ 2 billion to develop on atomic bomb to save American lives U.S try to stop the war ,the Japanese cant accuse the U.S of being inmoral because they also made the U.S troops suffer.

  • The use of the Atomic bomb was the best way to end the war because it saved many American lives

    During World War II the U.S Marines encountered the bloodiest fighting in Marine Corps history. Nearly 5,000 of the attacking Americans were killed and more than 20,000 wounded. During World War II the U.S lost 12,500 soldiers on each island.
    I think dropping the bomb was the best way and fastest way to end war because if they would have kept fighting, America would have lost more soldiers and dropping the bomb was also a fair way to end it.

  • It Saved More Lives Than It Took

    Millions of Americans would have died if we invaded Japan. Millions; that's more than we've ever lost in all the wars we've ever fought in combined.

    The bomb killed many innocent civilians, but it more than made up for it by making Japan surrender. When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the last thing on their mind was mercy, so why should we have shown them any mercy?

  • Yes it would have

    The allies would have lost millions of troops when invading japan. The atomic bomb saved the world 2 or 3 more years of war. These atomic bombs killed 129,000 people compared to the 1 million the allies would have lost. They deserved what happened to them after the invasion of china and the killing in nanking

  • The atomic bombs saved more lives than they took.

    While taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians, the atomic bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved more lives overall. An invasion of Japan would've killed millions of people, and not just Allied soldiers. The Japanese populace had been brainwashed by their government for decades, and would have thrown themselves at the invader, resulting in far more civilian deaths. Also, an invasion would have resulted in a Japan split between the Soviets and Americans. And isolating the Japanese islands would have starved the civilians to death, as well. When taking all of the other options into account, dropping the bombs, while a terrible destruction of human life, was simply the best option.

  • Dont mess with america

    Dont mess with america and you wont get bombed simple as that. Sure it killed innocent people but they were savage japes anyways so who cares. Also why did stop we could have blown that whole toxic nation away and maybe anime porn would not always be on deiventart . New topic lets end japan all together Finnish what we started(that i somewhat of a joke ok)

  • How else would we win

    We had been talking with Japans government months before the bomb to end the war. They consistently wished to continue fighting. Japans government was so headstrong they would fight to the bitter end. The original plan was to invade Japan which would have killed over a million people if we invaded. This would have been more deaths than the two bombs that were used. So the easy choice was made, use the bomb. We again wanted to scare the Japanese which we did, we sent pamphlets to Nagasaki and Hiroshima that said we have a bomb of great power if you dont submit to our demands we will use it. Japan denied peace and the bomb was used. Instead of looking back and regretting the decision, Their was truly no other choice and Americans should realize that we did everything in our power as a government to NOT use the bomb.

  • No because the atomic killed many innocent people who had nothing to do with what happened in Pearl Harbor.

    When America victory was certain 22 thousand Japanese civilians on the island many of them women and children committed suicide by jumping of high cliffs because if they fell into Americans hands they would be tortured or raped.(Japanese convince the people that America would do this to them)
    If we bomb Japan we are not only killing soldiers but people and kids. 19 to 28 million innocent had disease and famine from the war. US should of giving them what they wanted in the first place; US had already defeated japan leaving them with nothing, there was no point for using the atomic bomb.

  • I believe the use of the atomic bomb wasn’t the best way to end WWII. I believe we should’ve used the atomic bomb as warning.

    The US has paid too much money for Japan’s unconditional surrender. By showing that we got an atomic bomb, we can begin to construct a postwar based on peace and respect, besides, we’ll only use the bomb if Japan refuses to surrender. There should be no compromise for those who start war against the US. Demonstrating will shock Japan into surrendering and set a standard for the new era we’re entering. The Soviet Union, which can match our military might, will think twice before back stabbing us and think reasonably in the near future.

    If we use the bomb on Japan, Japan will suffer from horribly from the effects of the bomb. Millions and millions of people will be killed and helpless others who have managed to survive from the attack, will suffer from the radioactive chemicals of the bomb. People would experience disease and famine and also die of cancer. The people killed wouldn’t have any of their remains left. This will cause so much pain and suffering to bear.
    If we sign a peace treaty with Japan, it could prove fatal as well. We got to understand, even though we signed a peace treaty, that doesn’t mean someone will go against it. Japan as we know doesn’t like to follow others ruling, so not for long will Japan break the peace treaty. This will cause the US to suffer more bombing from Japan and another that will kill others for senseless reason.

  • I am against the use of the bomb being used on japan.

    We should use the bomb as a warning to scare the Japanese. If we use the bomb, we will lose confidence and feel horror. The reason of this is because if we do bomb the Japanese we will be killing millions of innocents for no reason because almost all of them expect it.

  • Dropping the bomb was a mistake.

    Japan’s top military officials have undoubtedly recognized the hopelessness of their position. Dropping atomic bombs on Japan would be a mistake, because Japan is so close to surrender that even a demonstration of the atomic bomb is not necessary to bring the war to an end. There were more than 300 B-29 super-fortress bombers, each of them carrying two tons of incendiaries packed in 100 pound and 6 pounded gelled gasoline bombs that descended on Tokyo. This means that we don’t have to use an atomic bomb.

  • We had already beaten japan on all the other islands.

    Thirty thousand Japanese soldiers died trying to prevent U.S. Marines from attacking Japan.Many Women and children committed suicide by jumping off high cliffs.The United States lost 12,500 soldiers on Okinawa the highest number of deaths in the island campaign. I believe that we had already beaten japan on all the other islands so there was no use of using the atomic bomb if we had already beaten them.

  • I believe that the best way we could have ended the war was by negotiating a peace treaty.

    We should have ended the war in a manner that reflects the value we place on human life and the dignity of the individual. We had already killed more than 365,000 of their soldiers and civilians and left millions more homeless. Is it really necesary to cause more death and destruction rather then try to compromise?

  • The best way to end WWII was to negotiate a peace treaty.

    Evidence: Japan has no allies: nearly destroyed and as vulnerable to surface/underwater blockade which deprives Japan of sufficient food/supplies for Japan’s population. Japan is terribly vulnerable to our concentrated air attacks upon Japan’s cities, industrial, and food resources.
    Reasoning: Japan wants peace. Japan had basically surrendered because they know the damages they caused and don't want to continue on with war.

  • Stop the war!!!

    Japan wants peace! They have no allies already rendered millions homeless and destroyed from 25 to 50 percent of built up area of Japan's most important cities. Japan has everything to loose such as their people and emperor, they know the damage the U.S caused and don't want to continue on the war. Japan wants to become civil with the U.S. If Japan and the U.S both get what they want then shall be no war and we all go home in peace.

  • No, the best way to have ended World War II was the use of the atomic bomb as a warning.

    According to the article: ‘Take Responsibility for a New Era’ the United States should have only drop the bomb if Japan refused to surrender.It would have been benefitial for both, the United States and Japan.

    The atomic bomb would have been dropped in a Pacific island to show the Japanese what a powerful weapon they are up against. The japanese would have understood that the best way to end such war was to surrender if they did not want the lives of many civilians to be taken away if the atomic bomb was dropped in Japan itself. Using the atomic bomb as a threat would have created a post-war of peace and respect. It would have also made the United States’ allies feel safer and their enemies would be vanquished, setting a standard for the new upcoming era. Since Japan brought the war to the United States, World War II should have ended by not dropping the bomb in Japan but by giving them a warning that opened their eyes to reality ―that they had already lost the fight.

  • The best way to end world war II was to use the atomic bomb as a warning

    Bombing a deserted island with the atomic bomb will scare Japan and stop the war. No lives will be hurt and Japan will be scared. We will save more lives. Also, the united states allies will feel better and safer knowing that the united states has this powerful weapon at use.

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liltankjj says2015-12-01T22:13:25.280
@ jgeller: Are you rating arguments on reasoning and evidence?{"Not sure where you got your stats...
What is your point about Pearl Harbor? Oh, I see. Confusing organization, but you do have reasoning.
Evidence 3 Reasoning 4"}
Orman says2017-02-14T19:31:31.870
Neat little fact the bomb did not even make the Japaneses government think about surrender it was the Russian closing in on them that made them think they should give up. And if they surrender to america they knew we would be easier on them then the commie russians