• Yes, the jury did the right thing.

    George Zimmerman was investigated by the FBI for any history of racism and they found nothing. There is no evidence of racism in why he did what he did. While I don't believe Zimmerman was smart in following Trayvon Martin, which provoked Martin to confront him, he was not guilty of the crimes he was charged with.

  • No it was not justified.

    I can have a certain opinion about anyone but that does not give me a right to follow that person with a weapon in my possession. Nothing good can become of it, and George Zimmerman knew this. What specifically did Trayvon do that would justify him being killed by someone?

    He fought with George Zimmerman over something he had no right to do, that makes it murder to me. If he suspected anything he should have called the police, but he was too trigger happy feeling overly confident to follow someone who could get the best of him in a fight. He was wrong for stepping out of the perimeters of his protection, in which a gun should only be used for protection, not provoked situations. I guess it's okay to provoke someone who looks suspect to you. George was wrong the moment he stepped out of his door to pursue someone with a deadly weapon on him without it going any further. If you carry a weapon than you should be responsible for what happens behind having that weapon. A fight is a fight in which George Zimmerman had some idea would happen, because he didn't bring the weapon without reason , but to pull out a gun changes the whole dynamics fast when he could have just left him alone, but because he chose not to Trayvon is dead.

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