• I don't see that anything good came out of the Vietnam war

    The Vietnam war didn't really do anything for us or the Vietnamese people. We wanted to stop the march of Communism across Asia. We didn't. We poured huge quantities of resources into the conflict and came out with--what? Thousands of men, women, and children died. We still have soldiers here who are living with physical and mental scars. I don't see how you can chalk that up as anything but a disaster.

  • Yes, the Vietnam War was a disaster of massive proportions.

    The Vietnam War should never have occurred in the first place. It was a War which was fought for all the wrong reasons. It was a War that could have been avoided. It was the ultimate failure in an effort to communicate and created a downward spiral of events which only escalated the situation. Additionally, there was epic-failure in not listening to the many voices of reason by many Americans who protested the War. The War further was a disaster after many soldiers that fought were not treated with the dignity and respect they deserved when returning.

  • Yes it was .

    The Vietnam War never really reached a real ending, it just went on until the US backed out. There was no compromise reached and millions of Amercans, young Americans, many of whom had no choice in the matter, died in a senseless war. It was defiantly a disaster and never should have happened

  • Yes, I think so.

    Following the successful defense of Pusan, and the stunning victory on the beaches of Inchon, the United States Army and Marine Corps, with support of Republic of Korea forces, marched deep into North Korea in an effort to destroy the Pyongyang regime and turn over full control of the Korean Peninsula to Seoul. The United States saw a counteroffensive as an opportunity to roll back Communist gains in the wake of the Chinese Revolution, and punish the Communist world for aggression on the Korean Peninsula.
    This was an operational and strategic disaster.

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