• Vietnam was Just enough

    The best example is our own public schools. most kids and adults alike, are not willing to stand up for the weaker person in a bully situation. for whatever reason this empowers and enables the bully to grow and bully more and more capable peers.

    The situation is not much different in the Vietnam war. We the US, had the moral and ethics to stand up and face tyrannical leaders that oppressed other weaker people.

    And most people that know the facts, are aware that the goal of "containment" at its least postponed and in many cases prevented the spread of communism to neighboring countries like: Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.

  • Necessary Because of...

    Although it was unlikely a domino effect could've happened because of Vietnam, if the country had fallen to communism, the type of government could've gradually taken over many more countries. The U.S was able to stop communism from taking over Vietnam, maybe stopping a communism domino effect from taking place. But who know for sure, though.

  • Vietnam war was justified as it achieved the primary goals of preventing the spread of communism

    The purpose of involvement was to stop the spread of communism and secondly to strengthen the alliance between USA and Australia. BOTH WERE ACHIEVED. It is easy to sit back today with all of the facts and figures and dissect all the ins and outs of the war and why it was a failure however it is wrong to judge something by ones own cultural standards in a completely different era. History can only be judged in the social and cultural context of the times and in that cold war era the decision was justified.

  • Vietnam was necessary

    Despite the undeniable costs and sacrifices numerous nations made. And despite the horrors both sides committed, neither the North nor the South were perfect, the purpose of the war was to stop the domino effect of more and more nations coming under the control and influence of the USSR and China. It succeeded. Vietnam was the last one.

  • Vietnam justly explained.

    As we have seen in our own public schools, lack of heroism is evident. The fear to stand up for other weaker or fearful people against bullies is the very reason the Columbine shootings, and many other similar incidents have occurred.

    the US is criticized regularly for playing world police, but without someone to stand up, these "bullies" will continue to push farther and farther beyond their own boundaries until they force their tyrannical rule on all that weaker.

    In the case of Vietnam, our methods of attack can definitely be scrutinized, but our goal "containment" would be believed successful by most anyone that knows the facts. The war, at its least, delayed and even prevented the spread of communism to many bordering countries, such as: Loas, Cambodia, and Thailand.

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  • The war was justified

    The main goal was to CONTAIN communism but not necessary to beat it back. Even though it was costly and terrible, it did demonstrate our commitment to anti-communism. It did in fact contained communism for awhile for other Asian countries from falling under communism because it gave them time to build up democratic governments that are strong enough to defend themselves against communism.

  • A Fight For Freedom

    Vietnam was a war to protect and preserve democracy in a country that was not and would not be able to defend itself. Some of you may say that the U.S. killed so many of the northern Vietnamese people, but in reality the north was constantly attack and murdering the people of the south unopposed. If the freedom of the people on a small island thousands of miles away from our home was not safe, then neither were we.

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  • A Very Unjust War

    Not only did it waste 50,000 American lives, but countless innocent Vietnamese civilians and millions of Vietnamese soldiers. All of this just to stop the spread of someone else's way of life, in the name of a theory that proved untrue. There was no domino effect, and there never would've been one. America did not save anyone by involving themselves, they just prolonged the inevitable and spilled a lot of blood in the process. And yet they haven't learned, involving themselves in Korea and the middle east.

  • The Vietnam War was not justifiable.

    The Vietnam War got over 58,000 American military personnel killed. Why? Nor Presidents Johnson or Nixon could tell Americans why we were fighting other than "We fight because we must fight." Pro-war Americans said that The US was preventing the spread of communism. Many South Vietnamese wanted unification with the North. If the US was not involved, more than 1,475,000 military (both sides) and over 4 million civilians (both sides) would not have died. Due to the war, 15% of Vietnamese farmland will be unusable for the next 200+ years.


  • Domino Theory proved untrue

    The main reason for the U.S. support of South Vietnam was the so-called Domino Theory. If Vietnam went Communist, then Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc would all go Communist much like a row of dominoes lined up end to end. If the first one is knocked over, then it will take the next one down and so on and so forth. This didn't happen.

  • Waste of human life

    American innocents were drafted into going over to a far-off country and losing a war that, for the most part, ended up disintegrating on its own without American intervention anyway. Communism was a minor threat to American imperialism and Vietnam in the 1960s was from the forefront of the movement.

  • They just wanted to take over

    Long ago the north wanted to take over the south Vietnam. The Americans heard about this war so they went over to south Vietnam and said "We will help you win this civil war." The south agreed and so the two where against the one. But after a few years of fighting the north finally won the civil war.

  • Replacing a communist dictatorship with a capitalist dictatorship does not constitute a just war.

    This seems to be part of a mindset that the USA cannot shake - a capitalist, a Christian or an oil giving dictatorship is no better than a communist, Muslim or oil hoarding dictatorship. Millions of civilians on both sides were killed by a conflict over which socio-economic system was superior. Perhaps the worst thing, however, is the brainwashing that still occurs in the western world today, the idea of Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori - It is a sweet and seemly thing to die for one's country. Firstly, one must question whether or not going to Indochina to murder civilians and shoot foreigners is achieving an outcome that is beneficial for one's country. Secondly, one must consider whether a country run by an elite that could not care less about the common man is worth dying for. And finally, and this is most relevant to not just the Vietnam War, but to every war the USA or NATO members have fought in since the end of the last just war, the Second World War, and that is the idea that a single footsoldier can make a difference. The footsoldiers being killed by the Vietcong, the Taliban or the LRA are no different to men that stood in lines and slowly marched towards enemy artillery emplacements, patiently waiting for the next cannonball to hit them. It makes a very good press release to say that the soldier that was killed by a roadside bomb or stepped on a landmine died 'for their country' or 'for what they believed in', and one cannot die for one's country unless one's death contributed to the well-being of that country. We must face the harsh reality that all soldiers in every war except some parts of the Second World War died for, let's face it, nothing. The concept that one soldier can make a difference is similar to the principles held by militaristic civilisations such as the Vikings or the Feudal Japanese, or by the very fascist states that the west seem to be convinced they are fighting. Therefore Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori is a concept used by sabre-rattling jingos to force down the throats of their naive, militaristic population in an attempt to win votes through the chance of a foreign policy victory that draws attention from the debacles that are occurring in their flawed domestic poicies.

  • Not Just at All

    It wasn't justifiable because the main reason for the war was containment of communism and I don't believe wars should be fought to prevent people from picking the government of their choice. It wasn't as if the leader the U.S. supported was good for the Vietnamese people or anything, the US government just supported him b/c they didn't want commies to have a victory. On top of the unjust reasoning for the war, many thousands died for nothing.

  • The Vietnam War was absolutely not justified.

    The Vietnam War was to help prevent the spread of communism, the US was not in any direct or indirect threat of Vietnam or its communism. The only thing it did was send Americans into harms way. Exposing them to new illnesses we've never seen before, Agent Orange, napalm, and jungle rot just because we have this belief that democracy is the only way to do government. Which ignores what the Vietnamese want. Not only did it lead to American deaths and maiming, but we also had horrible acts of war committed against innocent Vietnamese. As far as Wars go, Vietnam may very well be the worst of all of them. And what's worse to me is we did it to help the French, who gave up on the War in Vietnam.

  • No, the Vietnam War was not justifiable. It is my belief that we do not have the right to invade other countries purely on the basis of enforcing democracy.

    The Vietnam war killed Americans and Vietnamese. It dragged on for many more years than it should have, and American presidents used tactics that they hid from the US people. It was an unpopular war, and we largely lost it. It costed lives and there was little benefit gained from fighting it.

  • Principles of 'Containment' Not Worth It

    Tens of thousands of American soldiers died in the Vietnam War with countless civilian casualties in north and south Vietnam. The human toll in the country was incalculable. The Vietnam War was part of a misguided concept called containment. The idea was that Communism didn't need to spread due to the influence of the Soviet Union. Two superpowers squared off in what a was 15-year debacle that still affects Americans today.

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