Was the War in Iraq worth it: Is the world a safer place without Saddam Hussein?

  • Yes, Iraq is more free.

    Yes, the world is a safer place without Saddam Hussein, because the Iraqi people have increased freedom. Not only do the Iraqi people live in freedom, because they no longer fear an oppressive dictator, but the Iraqi people have increased local control and regionalism within their country. The rest of the world no longer has to worry about weapons of mass destruction.

  • Bush neocons/zionists need be held accountable

    The Bush NeoCons [Chaney] especially stated in 1994 when asked why he as Secretary of Defense under Bush Sr., didn't take out Saddam was precisely for what we have today. But, the NeoCons did it anyway and the world is a much dangerous place and "ICC" intervention a must now.

  • No it was not.

    As bad as Saddam was he kept those folks in line over there. He knew many of the IRAQIs were capable of going rogue/extreme. I don't agree with all he did but when you have extreme people under you one needs to rule the way he did. Now look what we have.

  • No it isn't

    While Saddam was in power there was stability in the region. Ok there was tension but not to this scale where groups like isis, isil, alqaida and a bagdadi. Saddam ruled with an iron fist proberbly to keep groups like the above at bay. The west was safer with Saddam

  • Of course No

    Look what happened after Saddam's fall. America lost billions of dollars, it's soldiers, its control in the world. Iraq is suffering more and more. Look at Syria. Look how ISIS is invading Iraq, funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK and recently Turkey. The winner here? Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK, Turkey.

  • No it has not

    1 million Iraqis dead since the invasion and the number is climbing. We awakened slumbering sectarian conflicts and have allowed extremist groups to gain footholds in Iraq. The entire region is destabilized and will be for decades. Hussein was a bad man, but 1 million dead Iraqis would have probably preferred him in power.

  • No, it wasn't and it isn't

    While it's fair to say Saddam was a terrible person and he isn't missed, Iraq hasn't really become a safer place since he left, it's just dangerous for different reasons. It's really hard to look at the war in Iraq and feel like we have accomplished anything whatsoever, unless you count pissing people off.

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