• it was really one of the best live productions in years.

    Every time I thought I'd seen my favorite performance, another actor marched onstage and made an incredible case for herself. And I'm not just talking about the main cast; even the chorus lines and the Cirque de Soleil performers who sporadically twisted across the stage were excellent. That's why I support it.

  • If not, pretty close...

    The original Wiz was first performed in 1975. NBC stayed with the nostalgia of the original while giving the characters a modern update with costumes, hair and makeup. The choreography was revamped to keep with the more current theme. David Alan Grier as the cowardly lion is a fantastic performance

  • Yes, The Wiz Live is an awesome live musical!

    After The Sound of Music Live! and Peter Pan Live!, The Wiz Live! is definitely another awesome live musical on NBC. Is it too early to conclude it was the greatest live musical on NBC right after its debut on December 3, 2015? My answer would be yes! The cast, the musical numbers, and the story are all showing improvements that NBC is doing better and better with Music Live series.

  • No there have been more meaningful musicals.

    I don't believe 'The Wiz Live!' was the greatest live musical on NBC ever. Unique for sure, but far from the best. There have been many other musicals that stood the test of time and re-ran for years such as Peter Pan. These musical events used to be big cultural events where the entire family would gather around.

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