• Yes god created our universe

    There are many ways to argue this but to put it simple the probably the closest way to prove it would be checking what most likely so at one point we have an intelligent being who is omnipotent and on the other hand we say it just so happened that every single planet in the universe is in its current position to help earth to be perfectly habitable to exactly our kind of species I mean thats just like saying when you thought a can into the dustbin and people are like it was just a fluke but if you really calculate the forces and stuff you will find proof that that shit would have definitely put the can inside the dustbin so with this reasoning I find that intelligent being creating us is more likely than the other

  • I Think It's Possible

    Given all of the process science has uncovered compared to all of the computer programs we have made, I think it is entirely possible that the world was created by Intelligent Design. If this is the case the designer would be so far advanced that we wouldn't be able to understand the immensity of what they know.

  • No, the world was not created by Intelligent Design.

    While I do not think the world was created by Intelligent Design, there is no way to know for sure. It is possible that the universe was created by Intelligent Design and the world was just a by product of that happening. I think that anything is possible. Nobody knows for sure.

  • Possible, but unlikely

    Intelligent Design is the theory that the Earth or perhaps the Universe was developed by a single sentient Creator, which matches many of the religious mythologies that have been passed down through human history, although it is primarily an argument of fundamentalist Christians. It is not entirely impossible or ridiculous of a theory, but it is predominant and since science and intellectualism has advanced since then, we must entertain other theories.

  • No, I do not

    I guess it goes by what you think your definition of intelligent design. I doubt there is some god sitting on his throne watching us with a smirk. There was a design to the world,but it was nature and comsic forces. It was a fluke that we inhabited this earth.

  • No supporting evidence

    If people want us to believe that universe or the world was created by a designer, then they need to show more facts. They can't just take mans word from a book, that was created by more men. The Big Bang has proof. Evolution has proof. All people really need to do is go outside and apply the science they learned in school.

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