Was the world created in six days: Was the Genesis account of Creation meant to be taken literally?

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  • In the book of Genesis, in chapter one and chapter two, there is TWO DIFFERENT creation stories.

    The bible is a collection of manuscripts written by primitive humans, and edited and RE-edited over thousands of years. Word of mouth, over thousands of years. The bible is full of errors and mistakes. The bible is a collection of MYTHS, written by primitive HUMANS. It was NOT inspired by God, in any way. God did not command any one person, OR group of people to write a book on how to live.
    As far as the ten commandments, EIGHT of them existed 2000 YEARS before the supposed moses ever existed, (IF he ever existed at all). The 42 principals of Purity.

  • World Not Created in Six Days

    No, the world was not created in six days as depicted in the Book of Genesis. The geological record alone shows the world to be much older than that and to have formed over a period of millions of years. Therefore, the account given in the Book of Genesis is not literal.

  • The Bible contains words to live by.

    I disagree that Genesis (or any of the Bible for that matter) should be taken literally. It is my belief that the Bible contains parables to live by. It is irrelevant whether Moses really talked to a burning bush. What matters is the commandments passed down are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.

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