• Don't punch a guy with a gun!

    As far as the legal system goes, however fishy it may look, there was not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman, and like all cases, they deal with facts, not popular theories.

    In my view, Zimmerman, had no intent to kill and this case had nothing to do with racism. It's after the media blew everything out of proportion and context. Zimmerman sees a dodgy looking youth, hanging around in his gated community, in which robberies had been a recent occurrence. Acting on behalf of his community, he decides to keep look out and contact the authorities.

    It is only when Trayvon approaches Zimmerman and assaults him that situation goes from calm to hostile. I can't comment on Martins character, because I don't know him, but whether he was good or bad doesn't matter. He attacked a man instead of taking a rational approach.

    I was once stalked by a homeless man I had earlier experienced an altercation of words with over him demanding a cigarette from me. He followed me a good half an hour before I turned round to confront him. He argued that I owed him a cigarette and an apology for reject his previous request [noting I had already given him 1 before rejecting his request]. The argument became heated as I refused to give into his demands and he went to try and take them from my pocket. I pushed him back and warned him if he touched me again I would defend myself. The homeless man then did try to grab my cigarettes again and I responded with a swift fist to his face, then the police got involved and it was over. We walked our separate ways.

    Key to this story is the fact I didn't attack the homeless man until I became the individual clearly defending myself. Something the evidence in the Zimmerman case does not show Martin did. The evidence shows that Martin attacked Zimmerman before opening a meaningful dialogue with him. Zimmerman now becomes the defendant in the situation and when your under attack you should defend yourself anyway possible.

    I know people have been highlighting the contrast in the weight and age difference between Zimmerman and Martin. This means nothing. I am 22 years old, shorter and lighter than Martin. I have been in fights with people a lot heavier than myself and come out unscathed I will explain I am possibly the least violent person I know and do not go out causing trouble sober or not sober, the conflicts I have experienced has always been caused by another aggressor. Martin may have been 17 but being bigger and taller than me, I'm sure he was more than capable of being able to handle himself against Zimmerman who in my opinion along with his brother don't seem like the troublesome type.

  • Justice system did its job

    Where was the evidence that GZ went out and intended to kill a black man that night? There is none. To prove murder you must show premeditation to kill someone. Obviously it wasn't premeditated. Manslaughter can only be given to the aggressor when they didn't intend to kill ie got angry at someone, punched them and they died. Manslaughter couldn't be given because there was no evidence that GZ physically started the fight. However, eye witnesses put TM on top of GZ and beating him. In that scenario you are justified to use deadly force to stop your attacker. Case closed. Go home and cry about it.

  • Murder was not supported by the evidence.

    Those pulling the race card here are just trying to obfuscate the facts of the case.

    It is irrelevant why Zimmerman chose to follow Martin, nor whether or not he ever used a racial epithet. Martin chose to backtrack his course, accost Zimmerman, and beat him within an inch of his life. And in Florida it is well within the law to shoot someone in self defense if you are being assaulted.

  • Justice prevailed! So, why do much of the media and democratic celebrities think they know more than jurors that spent months reviewing evidence?

    Oh, I know why... They want to create controversy to gain free publicity and ratings.
    No injuries were found on TM, except for a gun-shot wound and injured knuckles. GZ was beat to hell, suffered a concussion, and barely survived. Regardless of whether GZ accused TM of burglary or even called him a racial slur, IT DOESN'T MATTER! Trayvon chose violence. Supposedly, TM hadn't committed any crime, so he should have walked away. Trayvon's violent choice had consequences. He's dead now. A smart mouth and tough-guy attitude tend to get you in trouble.

    Zimmerman was a volunteer in his community to protect the neighborhood because there was a higher incidence of recent burglaries. Do you really think a man like that is going to randomly start a fight with a young man that looks suspicious? Maybe he'll start a conversation and ask a question to deter a would-be/potential criminal, but he has a family and good things going for him; it wouldn't make any sense for him to attack TM first.

  • The charges brought against Zimmerman could not be substantiated by evidence.

    The justice system in America is set up to assume innocence until sufficient proof is presented of guilt. If we allow ourselves to bend these principles even in the most extreme cases we risk setting a precedent under which many others will have no defense. While no judicial system is perfect the bounds set upon ours are there to prevent tyranny and defend the common man.

  • Yes, it was.

    There was simply not enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a specific crime was committed. The defense's closing statement amounted to giving Zimmerman the "benefit of the doubt" which pretty much summarizes the not guilty verdict, especially of murder.

    Had Zimmerman taken the stand, I could see involuntary manslaughter...But without him taking the stand, what happened after he got off the phone with the police is speculation, and speculation does not lead to guilt without reasonable doubt.

  • Verdict Was Right According To Evidence

    Zimmerman may have been at fault, may have aggravated the young man, or even have brought those injuries on himself, but the evidence proves otherwise. As for what the evidence shows between the background of both parties, leading events, and the aftermath... It shows Zimmerman as an innocent man. Any other verdict and those pleading for real justice are being racially biased .

  • If it doesn't fit...

    To use the words of the Mother of all defenses, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit..." There were many things that didn't fit here. Reasonable doubt all over the place. Sorry people...Learn to deal with it, just like we had to choke down that God awful verdict years ago - only in this case, the verdict was justified, and justice prevailed.
    As for Justice, and reverting back to OJ - well.....Lookie where he is now...

    Zimm will make out OK in time...

  • Right Verdict? How Many of us where in the courtroom?

    If this was the verdict the jury came to, then obviously it is all we have to go by. I highly doubt that anyone on this site sat through all the testimony and received all the instruction that the jurors did. To question their verdict is a little short sighted. I understsnd there is alot of emotion that has been stirred up in this case but you have to look at it without emotion. Are we going to start overturning jury decision just because we do not like them?

  • George Zimmerman could not possibly have been justified

    Trayvon Martin was a high school junior visiting his father. He went for a walk. George Zimmerman followed him in a car, then pulled up, called the police and reported that Martin was 'behaving suspiciously,' got out of the car, and shot Martin in the chest. ZImmerman weighed 200 pounds, Martin weighed 150. Even if Martin had attacked Zimmerman (though there's nothing to suggest this other than some bumps and bruises), an unarmed 150-pound teenager would never be able to threaten a 200-pound adult, let alone in such a way that would merit shooting the boy in the chest. Furthermore, Zimmerman had a criminal record, he'd been arrested for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. There is no evidence that could possibly justify acquitting Zimmerman.

  • Once again people prove that a black male life is not worth anything in America!

    I am going to make this so simple that even a 5 year old could understand it!!!
    Point One:
    GZ profiled TM that night. GZ was looking for a fight. The fact that he was walking around with a gun proved that. When an untrained person carries a gun, it is like alcohol, it gives then false courage. The whole thing is this (I speak as the Neighborhood Watch coordinator from my community) When the Sheriff Officer cam to talk to us to set it up, she stated this very important fact. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS...DO NOT ENGAGE!!! CALL 911!! Remember, you are a watch group not an police group. GZ was acting like a police officer that night. He could have just followed TM until the real police arrived. But since he had that gun on him he felt that courage running through his veins and he intercepted an innocent boy walking home. GZ was not right about that!!!
    You can only use deadly force to protect your life (self defense). Even if TM throw the first punch, lets say he did, When GZ drew his gun, TM was not the attacker...He was trying to get away. PERIOD! At that point, GZ life was not in danger! TM was trying to escape. So there blows the whole notion that he was in danger. (SIDENOTE-I read some of the yes side and they always bring up the GZ was beat to an inch of his life. To that I say, How many people beat to an inch of their life refused medical treatment?? C'mon...REALLY!!)
    5 white women and 1 minority (not african-american) are a good mix of people to hear this case! That one juror (B37) called GZ George throughout the whole interview while she referred to TM as 'that boy'...Ok enough said about that! If that does not strike a nerve, then you are late for your Klan's meeting.
    I am not going to say that this is all about race. Truth be told, this is about people perception of black young males! Because of the media, rap music, movies and our own action...Black males are perceived as wild dangerous animals. Women clutch their purse when the get in a elevator, you cross the street when we are walking down the sidewalk, we hear the doors lock in your cars when we walk by. An my favorite, when you see that we have some smarts we hear "Oh, you are ok. You are not like the rest of them!"
    GZ is a murder. He shot an unarmed black male. I wonder if you folks who are yelling justice was done would be yelling that if GZ was black and a blond hair blue eye white boy was shot! The way I see it, we have OJ...Now you have GZ. I guess we are even.

  • George Zimmerman was guilty

    Think about it, he followed Martin when he didn't need to. Why did he follow him? Because of the fact that he had a weapon and that made him think he was some gun-slinging hero, and he wanted to be the one to catch the bad guy. Had he really just cared to help his community and catch a suspicious person he'd just leave it to the police. However he didn't, he followed Martin, and Martin only seeing a man in he doesn't know in the middle of a rainy night, probably panicked. It's well known that some people when afraid or in a panicked state result to violence, given the circumstances it's completely possible for Martin to be afraid and be one of the people who uses violence, this gives Martin justifiable cause to attack Zimmerman. Then looking at the attack itself, it's fairly obvious at this point that the one crying for help was most likely Zimmerman, that means that he probably wasn't thinking about his weapon for the most part. Then add the fact that Trayvon was straddling Zimmerman, that means a full mount and I've tried this with my dad, it's extremely difficult to get to the back of your pants to get a weapon and pull it out, it's not easy. Given the "help" phone call we hear a slight pause before the "bang" that most likely means when adding the difficulty of the full mount in trying to reach his weapon, Zimmerman couldn't get to his weapon. So the only way he could've reached it and shot Martin was if Martin himself was getting up off of Zimmerman.

  • It was the Casey Anthony trial all over again.

    I can just picture all the people vying for the non-guilty verdict smugly celebrating their victory, and it honestly sickens me. I'm going to say right off the bat that we don't know whether this was racially charged. Maybe it was, maybe not. However Zimmerman, in his 911 call recording, stated that Trayvon "looked suspicious". I'm not sure about you, but just walking around doesn't seem like a very suspicious thing to do. At the very least, this was definitely an act of vigilantism. The dispatcher specifically told him not to follow Trayvon, but he did anyway, as if he were looking for a fight with him. Now, this is just speculation, but I think that Zimmerman started something with Trayvon, but was quickly on the losing side. Panicking, he shot Trayvon. I don't believe Zimmerman is that bad of a man, but we all need to atone for our crimes and mistakes. Zimmerman, however, won't be.

  • We all saw the evidence, we all sat in on the jury

    Here is what happened. A man stalked, chased down and killed a boy. Since the boy may have fought back against his attacker for a few seconds before he was killed, his killer was able to claim self-defense.

    We cannot allow this type of event to become normal. Or acceptable.

  • No, He is 100% lucky to live in a faulty justice system

    Florida has proven time to time again that its justice system is completely flawed. It allows ruthless child murderers like Casey Anthony to walk scratch free just screams flawed. And especially with Florida's overwhelming Neo-Confederate attitude and its Jim Crow loving law makers just shows the complete injustice that has been caused in this case.

  • Zimmerman started and ended the confrontation

    Zimmerman started the confrontation by following this UNARMED kid walking to his fathers house after the police dispatcher told him not to follow, he latter mentioned that trayvon was running from him.
    Ill concede to some type of confrontation occurring which we only have one point of view on who started it because the other is DEAD.
    Murder 2 is impossible to try and get but this is manslaughter, if you hit and kill someone with your car that is vehicular man slaughter, in any other state if you get in to a fight and kill that person accidentally that is MANSLAUGHTER. He should be in jail because he took someones life period.

    Posted by: iv54
  • He did intend to kill him so it is a manslaughter.

    The fact that he was walking around with a gun and when the police told him not to follow he went ahead and did the opposite adds up to the case that he was profiling the kid. So these juries need to get their facts straight and do more research before coming to a conclusion. And how can a teenager beat that guy and smash his head to the ground several times when he was obviously ready when he said that he was suspicious of the kid? Something is not adding up.

  • Past Experiences Show

    That Zimmerman had a criminal record for assaulting an officer and so we can see he has committed acts of violence before, and supports the claim that he could do it intentionally again. You cannot just shoot a kid like this if he was acting "slightly suspicious".

    It's a bit radical, don't you think?

  • Of course it wasn't

    He stalked a boy in his car after saying to the police said boy was acting suspiciously. The police told him not to do anything but he did. Martin was just walking him and naturally, he was worried about some big stranger following him. He fought and was shot. This was an unarmed young man against someone who outweighed him and had a weapon. Zimmerman just wanted an excuse to shoot an innocent kid just because he was black.

    His attorney was the same one who prosecuted Marissa Alexander who fired a gun to scare her abusive husband. No one was hurt but she has twenty years in prison. Something she had in common with Martin is their race. Zimmerman's attorney is clearly biased in that he allowed Martin's white killer to get away with what he did; he saw no worth in this teen's life because of his skin colour.

    Zimmerman is it only a murderer who managed to get away with murder (he didn't even get manslaughter and that's appalling as well, considering if someone dies of food poisoning in a restaurant, the cooks can get manslaughter for it,) but he is also a rapist who moved to Florida from Georgia so he could avoid the consequences of his previous crimes.

    The justice system isn't even trying to hide the fact they only care about white people.

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alextangfastic says2013-07-17T00:33:42.610
Whether Zimmerman was guilty or not; If the scenario was the other way round (in terms of skin colour of each participant it would have been a very different story
Anonymous says2013-07-17T18:03:49.087
Everyone commenting should remember something. First, the NSA is recording all these comments. Second, and more importantly, the elites are laughing at all of us arguing and getting heated. Division is exactly what they want.