• He's partially responsible for why a man can't own his own corporation

    Ever since him, the government has too much power over a company or corporation. Everything has to answer to Washington. It's like a vicious cycle. It was supposed to end corruption in businesses, yet it increased big gov't power over companies. I think it did more bad than good in my opinion.

  • Of course not

    Teddy Roosevelt's rigid enforcement of the Sherman Antitrust Act was necessary to ensure a "square deal" in the marketplace for the consumer, free of monopolies. TR wasn't altogether a liberal anyway. In his square deal policies, he neither favored the large corporations or unions in labor disputes. Hell, he didn't force the owners of a coal mine to recognize the trade union as a bargaining agent. The Roosevelt Corollary was also a more conservative aspect of his presidency. He asserted the right of an American presence in Latin America.

  • Theodore Roosevelt helped thrust the United States into the prosperous 1920s.

    The United States thrived in the 1920s. If it hadn't been for the open mind and out-of-the-box approach of Theodore Roosevelt, this never would have happened. Roosevelt envisioned a larger, unified America that could benefit financially from pooled resources. His open mind facilitated a talent for bringing together people of various backgrounds and ideas to fight for a single cause. In many ways, Roosevelt made the United States, "united."

  • Theodore Roosevelt was not too liberal

    Theodore Roosevelt was an American President who was part of the GOP. He did have several 'liberal' policies which included an increase of regulation on wall street, which is this day in age considered a liberal policy. He was also into conservation and supporting our countries environmental resources. However, none of his policies seemed to be too liberal for the nation.

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