• It seems that way.

    If Trayvon was shot in the back but Zimmerman got off anyway, this stinks to high Heaven. I betcha that there is more to this situation than meets the eye. If Zimmerman was defending himself, why was Trayvon shot in the back? Is this a good time to say checkmate?

  • Racial inequality in courts

    Well well. In Florida's racist justice system he would be acquitted. But otherwise, no. He's just lucky that he got away just because he's white. So he did not win the trial fair and square. The Florida justice system made it that way. This is much like the Emmet Till case... If I'm right.

  • Zimmerman broke no laws

    While many did not find the result morally good it was perfectly legal. Zimmerman was following the laws of the state of Floria. If you have a problem with the verdict then you really just have a problem with the state of Florida's laws and not with the jury. The jury was not corrupt due to some imaginary racist To Kill a Mockingbird jury, Zimmerman was hispanic after all, not white. According to the law the jury made the legal choice-- again not the "right" choice in the eyes of the mob, but the legal one. That is why we have laws after all, so that mob based "unfair"ness does not rule our decision making on important things

  • Outright fabrication to cause clashes between races

    Am example of this is found at the other side. Sitara states that he was shot in the back. This is completely unfounded and its the type of thing that is said solely to stir racial hatred. It would be better if people that don't know about this case shut up (Sitara...)


    And here is saying how the thing about him being shot in the back is wrong:


  • People need to drop this!

    The case is over! Do NOT make this into another Truther movement. Zimmerman won because the persecution sucked. They sucked for good reason too, there was hardly enough evidence to make a case. Only idiots and ignorant people act as though there was corruption and conspiracy in favor of Zimmerman.

  • Zimmerman isn't white, that's #1.

    And #2, aren't you technically allowed to follow anybody? Aren't you allowed to ask somebody questions in the street? If all it is gonna take for Trayvon to try and knock your "creepy white ass" out, is you approaching him twice and asking him questions, there is a problem. 

    In fact, Zimmerman did nothing besides creep out Trayvon in order to have him break the law and assault him. The death could have been avoided if Zimmerman listened to police, but I still think Trayvon caused his own death by acting like some sort of warrior. If Trayvon did anything but assault Zimmerman, then Zimmerman probably would have done anything but shoot Trayvon. 

    Sometimes, lack of communication is what causes human problems. I think it was 100% Trayvon that caused the lack of communication by trying to fight someone that he thought was creepy when they approached him a second time. I have no idea what really happened and I don't usually play devil's advocate but I feel I have to for Zimmerman even though he's already been deemed innocent. I base my previous assumptions on what we all know about the case. I just find it crazy when people automatically jump to Trayvon's side with the logic "Zimmerman shouldn't have murdered Trayvon with his gun! In fact Trayvon had a right to try and attack that wannabe police officer"

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