Was this the least popular Congress in U.S. history?

  • Yes, and it will only get worse until we fix the filibuster in the Senate and create smaller Congressional Districts in the House.

    We have a Congress with an embarrassingly low approval rating for two reasons: 1) record Senate filibusters and 2) Congressional Representatives who were more concerned with pledges to PACs than about pledges to their own constituencies. It is my hope that the next Congress acts on reforming the filibuster back to the filibusters of old: the ones where the Senators must hold the floor if they wish to partake in a filibuster. I think that we now have to realize that gigantic Congressional Districts create Representatives that are more focused on fundraising and pleasing PAC pledges and not focused on solutions that will work for their constituencies. We will not see a change in this behavior by our Representatives as long as the Congressional districts remain approximately 750,000 people per Representative. While reforming the filibuster will fix the Senate, I believe that the only way we can fix the House is by increasing the size of the House to create smaller Congressional Districts.

  • Yes of course they are.

    The approval rating for this U.S. Congress was embarrassingly poor. They are consistently stalled on important key decisions and have accomplished little to satisfy the citizens of the United States. Their fighting has run rampant and is unnecessary and preventative of change. They are at the very best, the least popular modern congress.

  • Yes.

    The current Congress is the least popular Congress in US history and their exceptionally low approval rating proves that. The Congress is hopelessly divided and it took a near catastrophe for them to pass anything in order to prevent the fiscal cliff. It does not help that a lot of the members of Congress are inexperienced and appear to be very stubborn. They are and deserve to be the least popular Congress.

  • Yes

    Yes, as far as I know, this was the least popular Congress in the US history. Last time I heard, there was only a 9 percent approval rating for the Congress. This is ridiculously low and would probably be close to the worst rated, if not THE worst rated Congress. They constantly fought and did not get anything done.

  • No. Read some history.

    While I do admit, Liberals and other partisan bickering in the last few years have ruined this Congress, but there are always worst ones out their. For instance, the Congress that passed the Kansas-Nebraska act, Or the Congress that passed the Alien and Sedition acts. This Congress today would be considered absolute heroes compared to any Congress before 1860.

  • I really doubt it.

    Although I cannot really speak in specific knowledge of the Congress during the time leading up to the Civil War, I can almost say without doubt that it was less popular. I speak of the time when the country became so divided that it attempted to split and start a neighboring country. That seems less popular than today's.

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