• Evidence Suggests Yes

    There is a large amount of evidence that suggests Thomas Jefferson was indeed a freemason. First of all, Jefferson was a closer personal associate of many known Freemasons, including Benjamin Franklin and John Paul Jones. There is also some evidence to suggest that Jefferson attended Freemason meetings at a Masonic hall in Paris, France.

  • Yes. I believe Thomas Jefferson a Free Mason.

    In my opinion and despite there being no evidence that he wore a Free Mason apron. The times that he lived in and the company that he kept as well as his own letters indicating that he knew the inner workings and rankings of the Free Masons in his circle of friends indicate to me that he was a well respected person in Mason society and would have been counted a member.

  • I do not believe Jefferson was a Free Mason.

    If Thomas Jefferson was a Free Mason at the time of the writing of the Declaration of Independence, then we can be certain that the writings were of unholy origin and scrap the entire document. If the document were scrapped, today, then we would enter into the Trump dynasty and the elimination of all persons not suited to remain under the regime would commence.

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