• Jefferson was genius.

    OK, so he did it with Dusky Sally, so what. When President Jefferson was in the North he was opposed to slavery. He had to keep his slaves when he was in Virginia because that was the way things were and he had to do the same things his neighbors did.
    Besides if he didn't run for president Aaron Burr would have become president, would you want that to happen?

  • He was a good president because he helped the U.S. in some ways.

    He was because I said so. Simple as that. I like him because his name is Thomas. Doesn't make sense but who cares. I like politics and the presidential stuff going on now is kind of dropping my interest. Tommy rules. I don't know why. I do know why. Whatever.

  • Was he really?

    Jefferson was a racist who owned, raped, and tortured slaves. He also was having a secret affair with his slave "Sally Hemings". He "loved" her so much that he made her stay with him as a slave, but she said the only way she would do that is if he allowed all THREE if her BABY children to be free. Thomas Jefferson was good for the press and the money. If you tapped into his real life and personalities, your mindset of him would change. He was no angel, nor demon, but he most definitely was NOT human, not with the way that he acted towards other human beings and creatures.

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