Was Tim Cook right when he said that users of online services like Google are products, not customers?

  • Yes, we are the product.

    The data of consumers in the digital age is a highly sought after product. The data mining of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are prime examples of how theses products we consume make our personal information the product. These sites on not sustainable based on the former media model of advertising alone. Product advertising still has a substantial role within the consumer as product model. What makes these sites so lucrative is the ability to aggregate various pieces of personal information and interests to then be analyzed for better marketing of products to be sold to the consumer.

  • No, people are customers and not products.

    No, I disagree with Mr. Cook and believe that a user of an online service is a customer and not a product. As a customer we have consumer rights and should have privacy rights that allow us to safely interact with online companies such as Google, and be able to use and purchase their products that they provide and sell.

  • If we are not customers, then why all the adds?

    I feel like the amount of ads and pop ups that spew from search engines makes us customers weather we realize it or not. Any time I search for things on the Internet for days after I notice there is a flood of related businesses popping up in my searches. It may not generate sales at that moment but it is a way of promoting future business hence making us customers to search engines which are like cyber malls in essence.

  • Tim Cook Is Quite Harsh at Google

    I strongly disagree with this statement and think that Tim Cook goes beyond the polite behaviour bounder. Even this can be qualified as some sort of an offence. I am a Google user and an iPad owner at the same time and do not consider myself a product. Modern mobile communications and online media, it`s a well known fact, are in intimate relationship with advertising. Envying someone`s bigger ads revenues should not be articulated with end-clients offensive definitions.

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